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Description:A collection of programs and scripts for Amiga computers.
Developer:Patrik Axelsson / David Eriksson
Short: UHC Tools installer
Author: Patrik Axelsson / David Eriksson
Uploader: patrik bo gmail com
Type: util/misc
Version: 1.5
Replaces: util/misc/UHCTools.lha
Requires: bsdsocket.library >= 3.0 internet connection
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4; ppc-amigaos >= 4.0; ppc-morphos >= 1.4.5; i386-aros

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-=[ UHC TOOLS ]=-

This is a collection of programs and scripts for Amiga computers and their
offsprings to simplify daily usage and make the Amiga more independent.

How to install:
- Run the included Installer, this package includes the minimum required
files to get an installation going, the rest of the package will be
downloaded over the internet.

The following programs and scripts are currently included in the package.

aget - A http download tool.
AskMore - Asks a question and saves the answer in local env.
BreakForEach - Used by ForEachLine.
EndForEach - Used by ForEachLine.
FlushDevice - Flushes cached writes to a device.
ForEachLine - Loop over each line of a file in a script.
ModifyPath - String manipulator that can get parts of a given path.
NoClick - Minimal noclick-program that disables the clicking noise
on all floppydrives in a system.
Reboot - Reboots the computer.
SetResult - Sets $RC and optionally $Result2 (IoErr) to given values.
sntp - NTP/SNTP time sync utility.
SetFromCmd - Set env from output of command. The command result is
returned to $RC, which regular "Set + backticks" won't do.
StackSize - Prints the stack size in a format usable in scripts.
SynergyClient - Control mouse and keyboard from another computer.
TCPBlock - Connects to a host socket and only reads data when you
press enter, causing the other side to block
TCPEcho - Echoes data to a host socket and displays the response if
TCPRec - Like TCPEcho but in reverse.
TCPSend - Send data to a host socket.
time - Very small time measurement utility.
TypeLine - Types out a specific line-number from a textfile.
UHCSearch - Master program used by the search scripts.
UTF8Echo - Converts a ISO-8859-1 string to UTF-8 and echoes it to

bootablerad - Prepares RAD: with an empty floppyimage with a bootblock.
checkifsys - Checks if a Volume/Device is SYS: or not.
detectos - A script that tries to figure out if it's running under
AmigaOS3, AmigaOS4, MorphOS or AROS.
dirs - Displays directory stack.
drawertoadf - Makes a floppy of all files in a drawer (directory).
extracttag - Can extract text from tags in markup-language files.
formatpath - Similiar to ModifyPath but uses LFORMAT-like syntax.
head - Reads the first few lines of a text-file.
help - Help-system, same as uhchelp.
installdeps - Downloads and installs 68020 versions of programs a few
scripts rely on.
popd - Retrieves the newest directory from the stack.
posttoslack - Post a message to a Slack messageboard.
pushd - Pushes current dir to the directory stack.
tail - Reads the last few lines of a text-file.
uhccheck - Checks if a new version of UHCTools is available.
uhcextract - Masterscript for extract-scripts.
uhcget - Masterscript for get-scripts.
uhchelp - Help-system, same as help.
uhchtmlreadme - Masterscript for extracting readmes from HTML-files.
uhcmirrorget - Masterscript for downloading files using a mirror list.
uhcmirrorsearch - Master script for searching using UHCSearch and mirror
uhcrecent - Masterscript for displaying recent files.
uhcresultpath - Masterscript used by get/readme/extract scripts.
uhcstatus - Shows all UHC-related ENV-variables.
uhctextreadme - Masterscript for text readmes.
uhctoggle - Toggles UHC-related ENV-variables that have two states.
uhcupdate - Updates UHC Tools to the latest version.
unpack - Can unpack various archives by checking the file extension
of the archive and launch the apropriate unpacking-tool.

aminetextract - Downloads and extracts a file from Aminet.
aminetget - Downloads a file from Aminet.
aminetreadme - Downloads a readme-file from Aminet and displays it.
aminetrecent - Displays recent Aminet-files.
aminetsearch - Searches Aminet for files.

AROS Archives:
arosextract - Downloads and extracts a file from AROS Archives.
arosget - Downloads a file from AROS Archives.
arosreadme - Downloads a readme-file from AROS Archives and
displays it.
arosrecent - Displays recent AROS Archives files.
arossearch - Searches AROS Archives for files.

MorphOS Storage:
mosstorageextract - Downloads and extracts a file from MorphOS Storage.
mosstorageget - Downloads a file from MorphOS Storage.
mosstoragereadme - Downloads a readme-file from MorphOS Storage and
displays it.
mosstoragerecent - Displays recent MorphOS Storage files.
mosstoragesearch - Searches MorphOS Storage for files.

OS4 Depot:
depotextract - Downloads and extracts a file from OS4 Depot.
depotget - Downloads a file from OS4 Depot
depotreadme - Downloads a readme-file from OS4 Depot and displays
depotrecent - Displays recent OS4 Depot files.
depotsearch - Searches OS4 Depot for files.

whdextract - Downloads and extracts a file from www.whdload.de
whdget - Downloads a file from www.whdload.de
whdreadme - Downloads a readme-file from www.whdload.de and
displays it.
whdrecent - Displays recent www.whdload.de files.
whdsearch - Searches www.whdload.de for files.

whdownextract - Downloads and extracts a file from WHDownload.
whdownget - Downloads a file from WHDownload.
whdownsearch - Search WHDownload for files.

scneextract - Downloads and extracts a file from amigascne.org.
scneget - Downloads a file from amigascne.org.
scnesearch - Search amigascne.org for demo files.

modlandget - Downloads a file from Modland.
modlandsearch - Search Modland for modules.

Fred Fish Disc collection:
fishextract - Downloads a file from the Fred Fish Disk collection
and extracts it.
fishget - Downloads a file from the Fred Fish Disk collection.
fishreadme - Downloads a readme-file from the Fred Fish Disk
collection and displays it.
fishsearch - Searches the Fred Fish Disk collection for files.

Mirror list:

Upload Date:Apr 04 2020
Size:39 KB