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Description:Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
Developer:Thomas Richter
Short: Library to ctrl the MC68K MMUs
Author: thomas.richter@alumni.tu-berlin.de (Thomas Richter)
Uploader: thomas richter alumni tu-berlin de (Thomas Richter)
Type: util/libs
Version: 47.2
Requires: a 68020/68851, 68030, 68040 or 68060 with a working MMU
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4


NOTE: The developer information went now into the "MuManual" archive, this
is the "user only" distribution.


Purpose and goal of this library:

The mmu.library is a basis for MMU (memory management) related functions the
MC68K family can perform. Up to now certain hacks are available that program
the MMU themselves (Enforcer,CyberGuard,GuardianAngle,SetCPU,Shapeshifter,
It's therefore not unexpected that these tools conflict with each other.
There's up to now no Os support for the MMU at all - the gap this mmu.library

The goal is to provide a basis of functions to address and program the MMU in
a hardware independent, Os friendly fashion. Hence, the new version of the
Enforcer, called MuForce, will work together with virtual memory, and others.

The mmu.library is also the basis for the virtual memory project, the
memory.library. Even though the mmu.library does not provide virtual memory
itself, it builds the basics to allow an easy implementation and to avoid the
hacks required by other implementations so far.

The memory.library is now complete and can be found in this archive.


Release 47.2
- Low level MMU table creation was speed up a little bit. This may
help with systems with lots of memory.
- The MMU-Configuration AddMemory command did not not update the
MMU setting for the added memory, this had to be done manually,

Release 47.1
- Added an API to translate a physical address to a logical address
under which it can be accessed.
- Added the MuMapRanger tool to the distribution (also available

Release 46.22
- In case the mmu.library was run on top of an EC processor, the
IOMMU functions CachePreDMA() and CachePostDMA() run into an alert
as the DMA translation tables are not prepared. They now implement
a 1:1 logical to physical mapping in the absence of a MMU.
- The 68040 and 68060 no longer generate a visible warning in case
they are run on the wrong CPU (i.e. the 68060.library on a 68040
or the 68040.library on a 68060) provided a recent exec.library is
detected. It is assumed that on such newer systems, a sane version
of SetPatch is present that no longer attempts to load the wrong
library. This avoids problems with programs that attempt to open
the CPU library manually, though from the wrong processor.
Note that there is absolutely no reason why an application should
attempt to open them - the public interface towards the CPU libraries
is in the 680x0.library.

Release 46.21
- Z2Burst is a new command for the MMU-Configuration which disables
caching and by that also bursting in the Z2 area. This is useful
for some (or many?) 68040 and 68060 based CPU boards that cannot
abort burst transfers to the Z-II area properly and may slow down
or hang if attempts are made to initiate a burst transfer over the
Zorro bus.
- A new vendor specific init-tool, GVPInit, was added to disable
bursting to the Zorro area for affected GVP boards. Thanks to
Ralph Babel for sharing the information how to detect them and
to Robert Miranda for testing them.
- The P5Init tool now also detects the B2060 card and disables caching
and bursting in the Z-II area for it.
- Init scripts have been augmented to support GVPInit, and a new tool
GVPIdentify which detects affected GVP boards.

Release 46.20
- The mmu.library and the 68030.library are now aware of the A3000
SuperKickstart, and protect it and the corresponding MMU tables
such that the system can reboot cleanly with the SuperKickstart
- New versions of ACAInit and ACAIdentify are included that hopefully
have somewhat more robust support for the ACA cards. In particular,
the ACA630 support should have been improved.

Release 46.19.2
- No new release of the mmu.library, but a new version of
MuForce, which now also prints the PC at which an Alert()
or a software failure was detected.
- Also included a new version of the disassembler.library which
fixes the disassembly of fmovem with multiple immediate sources.
- Also includes a new release of MuRedox which now also patches
the fmovem.l #immed,<multiple ctrl regs> instruction.

Release 46.19.1
- No new release of the mmu.library, but a new version of
MuForce, which now also tests word-aligned data on the stack
through SegTracker. Former releases expected data on the
stack to be longword aligned.

Release 46.19
- The MMU-Configuration file allows now one additional command,
namely "MMU off". This turns off usage of the MMU. The
purpose of this command is to allow safe usage of the MMULib
based processor libraries (68040.library and 68060.library)
on EC processors where the mmulib internal MMU detection logic
reports incorrectly the presence of a MMU. Unfortunately, the
MMU test cannot be made 100% reliably as Motorola labeled
processors with defective MMU as "EC" models, though they were
produced from the same mask set.
- P5Init was updated to also configure the MMU for the Permedia2
and Voodoo3 chips which were present on some P5 based graphics
cards with proprietary PCI bridge. This may help to operate
these cards on MMULib based installations.

Release 46.18.1
- The EnvArc/MMU-Configuration.ACA file was missing from the
distribution. Outch! Thanks to Jan-Erik for reporting this
- Added new releases of ACAInit and ACAIdentify that also cover
the ACA1233n. This is experimental.
- Added a new version of MuFastZero that also attempts to copy
the KickMem and KickTag Ptrs to the non-mirrored version of
ExecBase over, hopefully allow programs to install resident
modules even if SysBase is remapped.

Release 46.18
- Unlike documented, the dos.library FGets() function does
not always zero-terminate its result, potentially causing
an infinite loop when reading the preferences. This version
includes a workaround.
- The data caches are no longer disabled during context building
if a context does not yet have a root pointer. This may speed
up initial MMU table creation somewhat.

Release 46.17
- The ColdReboot() patch of the mmu.library triggered a
full coldstart on A3000 boards, erasing all resident
modules, including LoadModule. This has been fixed.
Note, however, that the A3000 SuperKickstart support
has one bug that erraneously reserves 512K of RAM
space with the mmu.library loaded. If you use LoadModule,
add the option "HeaderForwards" to make it working.
- MuForce was bumped to 46.2 and fixes one access error
in its Alert() patch.

Release 46.16.1
- No functional changes, but the installer script was
updated to recognize the 3.1.4 version of SetPatch, and
some minor tweaks have been made for the update process
of the mfm.device and IPrefs. Furthermore, the processor
libraries are now installed by default.

Release 46.16
- In case the mmu.library was run on top of a soft-loaded
exec.library, the startup-code did not generate the
implicit "ClearTTx" and hence could have left some IO
boards configured as WriteThrough instead of CacheInhibit.
This release now also recognizes versions of exec that
have been injected via LoadModule and other related tools.

Release 46.15
- This release includes an updated mmu.library which fixes
the handling of expansion boards that have been "shut up"
because the system run out of expansion space. All
previous releases would have flagged erraneously the
entire system memory as "I/O space" if that happened.
This version ignores such (absend, and de-configured)
boards correctly.

Release 46.14.3
- This relase provides a new version of the 68030.library
which includes now better support for the 68EC030
processors, especially on GVP boards. For these boards,
caching needs to be disabled for the entire lower 16MB.
Typically, the MMU and the mmu.library do that, but not
if an EC processor lacking a MMU is in the system.
- Updated scripts (installer scripts and rexx scripts) to
support older ACA boards and install ACAInit if such a
board is identified or requested by the user.
- Updated MuGuardianAngel which failed to test whether it
AllocAbs() had been patched over after MuGA was run.

Release 46.14.2
- This release provides a new version of the 68060.library
which includes now a more careful test for the I4 bug
of the 68060. Apparently, the test used before could fail
to detect the erratum on revision 5 68060 processors.
- This distribution also includes a new (still experimental)
MMU setup helper "ACAInit" that opens the MMU pages for
some older ACA (icomp) cards such that ACATune will
hopefully continue to operate on them. To use ACAInit,
copy it to LIBS:mmu, and add this command at the end of
ENVARC:MMU-Configuration. Feedback welcome.

Release 46.14.1
- The configuration for the Merlin graphics card was not
right as it uses 4MB in the Z3 area, but only 2MB in the
Z2 area. An appropriate switch was added to the default
config files and the configuration builder file.

Release 46.14
- A arithmetic overflow in a {base+delta} or {size+delta}
expression in ENVARC:mmu-configuration triggered a yellow
alert, even if the result is never used because the
corresponding board is not installed. This has been fixed.
- This release ships with a new disassembler.library which
no longer classifies btst with a PC-relative target as

Release 46.13.1
- The configuration for the VA2000 was apparently not yet
ideal as the first 64K are IO and not grahics memory,
hence fixed the MMU-Configuration for the board.

Release 46.13
- Added MMU information about the VA2000 graphics card.
- Fixed a bug in PhysicalLocation() that crashed on
mmu-less systems.

Release 46.12.1
- The core library and most tools remain identical.
- The processor libs were updated to release 46.3.
ColdReboot() was potentially broken in case the code
was run from MEMF_CHIP (rather unusual, but possible)
and hence the CPU could not prefetch the jump to ROM.
- MuProtectModules was updated to 45.5 and fixes a bug
in not carrying over the cache inhibit settings correctly
when enabling remapping.
- LoadModule was updated to 45.9 and fixes a bug for not
clearing module remapping addresses on a reset correctly.
- The installer script did not create path names of the
MuTools correctly and hence might have created an incorrect
startup sequence.
- Thanks to Hyperion, Installer 43.8 could be provided along
with the distribution making the installation stand-alone.

Release 46.12
- MMUInit is now also called during early setup of the library,
that is in particular when the library is resident in memory.

Release 46.11
- The setup and detection of CD32 ROMs was partially broken
and several iterations were required to fix this.
- Added another LVO to ease the layout of ContextWindows()
upon creation. There is no longer a need to setup the
target context correctly manually. In the autodocs, see
LayoutContextWindow() for details.

Release 46.7
- The interface of P5Init/p5emu.library to the CPU libraries
changed again to make it a bit more future proof. The new
interface allows P5Init to replace multiple CPU library
call-ins to optimize compatibility.
- Merging entries in the high-level MMU table description as
used by SetPropertiesA() could have resulted in erasing
side information required by MAPP_BUNDLED/MAPP_REMAPPED/
- MuMapRom was reworked again to improve compatibility with
motherboard RAM on the A600 and A1200.
- A debug version MuMapRom.debug is now included.
- MuMapRom always mapped the A4000 and A3000 motherboard RAM,
even on systems where this RAM is not present.
- Erasing one of the MMU properties that require side information
no longer erases the side information of other properties
that remain set.

Release 46.5
- This is beta release with a couple of bug fixes of the
mmu.library and new functions of the tools.
- Building a MMU context that was completely blank caused
an infinite loop in the table builder process, fixed.
- Removed duplications in the MMU default context creation.
- Added support to tell the CD32 and CDTV apart, as the
former has ROM in the 0x00e0-space, whereas the latter
has motherboard resources there.
- Added new mmu.library functions to create windows in mmu
contexts and to enable fast window switching.
- Updated MuScan to report on context windows.
- Updated MuForce to report context windows.
- Updated MuFastRom to be aware of the CD32 lower ROM area.
- Updated MuMapRom to be aware of the CD32 lower ROM area,
and to setup the MMU context for the reset-resident ROM
mirror more carefully.
- Bumped CPU libraries to V46.

Release 43.14.2
- Not a new release. Apparently, the database command
of the installer only consults ExecBase to detect a
68060, which may not always be correct. Added a work-

Release 43.14.1
- Not a new release. The only difference is that we are
now including also a patch for SetPatch 40.16, the
version that came with Os 3.1.

Release 43.14
- This version of the mmu.library introduces a new
source of the MMU configuration, namely a resident
module named "MMUInit". This module, if found on
the exec resident list, is used to setup the MMU
context during initialization before the user based
configuration is called.
- The 68060.library now uses an explicit test to disable
the load/store bypass of the 68060 in case the CPU
is faulty. Previous versions parsed the CPU revision,
though created false negatives by a test that is too
conservative when disabling the load/store buffer
- MuMove4K includes now an explicit check whether it is
run in front of SetPatch.

Release 43.13.2
- One minor bug-fix in P5Init, namely handling of out
of memory in the creation of the p5emu.library was
not handled gracefully.
- All CPU libraries check now for the presence of the
p5emu.library and install "trampoline functions" to
the emulation in case it is detected. This may help to
avoid compatibility problems to P5 programs that jump
into undocumented LVOs of the CPU libraries.

Release 43.13.1
- Minor tweak in the CPU libraries to ensure that the
visible "old" MMU configuration is also set to the
configuration initialized by the CPU libraries.
- The 68030.library now initializes the TTx registers
on EC-based models explicitly such that the Z-II
are is not-cacheable for write-accesses, working around
a bug in the on-chip caching logic. Read accesses
may be cached and are in control of the external board

Release 43.13
- Some utilities unfortunately release the previous MMU
tables after initializing the mmu.library, then causing
a hang whenever the library restores them for a reset.
This release no longer attempts to do that if it finds
that it has been loaded by an mmu-aware CPU library.
- ENVARC:mmu-configuration is no longer strictly necessary
if the library is initialized from a CPU library.

Release 43.12
- This release fixes one (or possibly even two) serious but
unfortunate bugs in the 68060.library: Loading single
precision numbers as sources from unimplemented opcodes
was unfortunately broken and caused wrong data to be loaded,
and generated bogus bus errors at times.

Release 43.11
- This release merges the changes made by Etienne back in the main
development branch.
- The MMU detection code is now also able to identify 68060's during
the system bootstrap where some P5 boards only identify them as
68010's for compatibility reasons.
- Fixed a harmless bug in the 68030/68581 MMU table reader.
- CPU libraries: This release patches the private exec function
ExitIntr() to address spurious interrupts happening on fast
accelerator boards. On such boards Paula did not yet clear the
interrupt bits when the CPU leaves the interrupt processing,
causing a second spurious interrupt as soon as the processor
leaves the exec interrupt handler.
- LoadModule: Merged changes by Etienne back into the main branch.
- MuGuardianAngel: Merged fixes by Christian Sauer back into the
main development branch.

Release 43.10
- Fixed nasty 43.9 exception crashes on 030 systems (and probably
020/881 as well). These crashes were caused by PhxAss default
optimizations which converted explicit BRA.W to BRA.S in the
exception handler and messed up calculated jumps. The MuLib is now
assembled with branch optimization explicitely turned OFF *grunt*

Release 43.9
- Made the mmu.library assemble with PhxAss by decoding DevPac only
- Added safeguard to the mmu.library AddMem command for switchable
accelerator boards: memory in the 32bit address space (above the
first 16Mb) will only be added if the CPU is at least a 68020.
- Made the mmu.library ClearMMU command more effective: it will now
reset areas incorrectly marked valid in the boot configuration
to blank space.
- THOR: Added workaround for some Appolo 060 boards that apparently
misuse some undocumented 060 MMU table bits.

Release 43.8
- mmu.library: I seem to have updated something here in 2002, but
I really forgot. Anyhow, this is the latest release I have.
- 68060.library: Added patches for the utility.library division
support since some kickstart versions apparently do not patch
in the optimized versions.
- 68040.library: Added patches for the utility.library division
and multiplication routines because some kickstart routines
do not seem to patch the optimized versions in.
- disassembler.library: Fixed all issues Christian Sauer fixed
in 40.5, and also fixed garbled output on disassembly of
floating point constants.

Release 43.7
- mmu.library: Added a workaround against invalid MMU tables
setup by utilities that do not satisfy the stronger alignment
restrictions of the 68060 compared to the 68040. The MMU table
scanner is now a bit more relaxed for these tables.
- 68060.library: Improved the divu.l 64:32 division emulation
somewhat. Motorola used Knuth's "Algorithm D" out of the book,
which is, however, a bit overweighted for the purpose of the
library. I replaced it by a somewhat simpler and faster algo-
rithm. Won't make a difference unless the program to be emulated
uses way too many divu.l computations.
- Applied the same changes to MuRedox and its divu emulation.

Release 43.6
- mmu.library: Added another safety check for the DMA property
- MuMapRom: The reset-and-stay resident mechanism of MuMapRom
makes now use of the ColdCapture exec vector and a nice little
extra hack.
- MuMapRom: Adds now a 16MB "safety zone" around memory areas to
keep some wierd memory tests working.
- memory.library: Changed the memory administration functions a
bit by adding a "ranger pointer".

Release 43.5.1
- 680x0.library: Handled the low-memory area of MuMove4K unproperly
and therefore broke MuFastZero. Fixed.
- MuMapRom: Did not work at all if the "ROMINFAST" option was not
present at the command line. Should be much better now.
- memory.library: The library does no longer allow the attachment of
an address space to the global MMU context.
- memory.library: The library does no longer support attachments of
address spaces to supervisor contexts. This wouldn't have worked
- MuGuardianAngel: AllocAbs() was still broken and returned the wrong

Release 43.5
- CPU libraries: All CPU libraries reset the VBR now before restarting
the ROM.
- mmu.library: Fixed a possible race condition of the 68060 exception
handler. The 68060 can report a misaligned access even though the
fault address and the access fault size do not indicate that a page
boundary is crossed.
- Included a new test tool: "SwapTest" will check whether the 68060 or
68040 library support some race conditions on swapping correctly.
Note that this test will fail for most third-party libraries.
- Included MuForce 40.30 (Aminet release) that is required for the
latest MuGA. It won't work with former releases.

Release 43.4.2 (Internal release only)
- memory.library:
- fixed possible memory leak of the swap hooks. They should
have closed files/devices on VMPACK_EXIT, not VMPACK_CLOSE.
- Updated the documentation of the mmu.library for the new functions.
- Included a first version for the memory.library documentation.

Release 43.4.1 (Internal release only)
- mmu.library: Forgot to include the 43.4 of the mmu.library in the
last distribution.
- memory.library:
- fixed broken handling of private swap hooks for
virtual memory pools.
- fixed broken handling of "Retry" of error requesters.
- added more sophisticated error handling for out of memory
and swap alerts. The code will no longer try to repeat for
obvious errors.
- mmap.c:
- fixed missing result code on error.

Release 43.4 (Internal release only)
- mmu.library: The 68040 race condition fix of the 43.3 wasn't as
good as I though. Reworked this mess again. It will now be able
to handle the wierd condition where a write-back is busy and
detected from a word-sized movem, even though it comes from a
different instruction. Yuck!
- mmu.library: Added workarounds for the V37 ObtainSemaphoreShared()
- mmu.library: Made all context locks shared as far as possible.
- mmu.library: Fixed a possible register trash for the shared context
- memory.library: Worked again a bit on the memory allocation routines
- Examples: vmem.c and mmap.c are now ready for release. The examples
look now like they are supposed to.
- Updated the mmu.library autodocs a bit.
- memory.library:
- added another cache at the swap hook side of the library.
This should hopefully help to improve the performance a
bit as it tries to bundle I/O accesses.
- the library limits now the virtual memory range of the
address space to the user defined limit before asking the
hook for the maximal size. This avoids unnecessary disk-
trashing for the file hook.
- the library should behaive much better now for low memory
situations and errors on the swap hook. The hook remains
responsive in these situations.
- added a (localizable) error requester for failures of the
three built-in swap hooks.
- All file I/O goes now over packets rather the dos.library.
This would avoid trouble in case the dos.library gets
patched over.

Release 43.3 (Internal release only)

- mmu.library: Fixed a possible race condition of the Motorola
"Diva", the 68040. Unlike what the documentation suggests, the
CM bit is not directly related to access errors of movem's. )-:
- memory.library:
- Fixed a bug in the final page disposal routine that
could have caused MuGA hits. Fixed.
- Fixed a bug in the swap daemon that could have tried
to deliver a motor tick to the swap hook even though
the hook has been released already.
- Reworked the internal memory handling. The memory
pools come now with scratch lists to speed up the
allocation of tiny chunks, and to avoid unnecessary
virtual memory accesses. Further, the library uses
now its own set of pooled allocation/deallocation
routines. First of all, this avoids clashes with
whatever patch might sit there and doesn't know
how to handle virtual memory correctly, especially
the rather harsh Forbid()/Disable() rules. Second,
the new pooled allocation tries a combination of
a "best fit" plus "buddy chunk" allocation that is
less naive than the native exec allocation.
(but still naive enough to allow improvements...)
- Fixed bugs in the computation of the swap pool size
that happened mainly on machines with Z2 memory
- Added documentation for the PoolVSize() function
that was forgotten for the 0.0 release last time.
- Added a tag to restrict the size of the virtual
memory pool created.
- MuGA: Fixed Deallocate()/Allocate() patches that forgot to
align memory correctly.
- MuRedox: Aparently, the new version never made it to Aminet,
even though it was uploaded. It provides one new option,
SHOWPATCHEDINSTRS, which shows the list of instructions it
was able to replace by its own set of stub-routines.

If the vmem example program shows an "Allocation Failed" report, do not worry.
This is just because the memory pool run out of data. This is likely to happen
due to the way how this stress-test works.

The memory.library got tested now on the 030,040 and 060.

Release 43.2 (Internal release only)
- mmu.library: Added support for the mmu.resource. This is a
system resource that defines the interface to the true hard-
ware MMU. The library will make use of this resource whenever
it is present, and will fall back to its build-in routines
otherwise. The purpose of the resource is to allow emulation
of the MC68K MMU on non-native CPUs (i.e. x86) without the
need to re-write the entire library from scratch.
- mmu.library: "shared" pages are finally officially supported.
Note that most of this stuff worked already in V42.
- mmu.library: Fixed a bug in PhysicalLocation() that did not
return the true physical location in case the memory was
marked as MAPP_SHARED.
- mmu.library: Added GetPageUsedModified() to parse the
Used/Modified flags more easely than with Get/SetPage-
Properties(). This is still to be documented and mainly for
the purpose of the memory.library.
- MuGA: Fixed a register trash that broke AllocAbs() and related
- NEWS FLASH! Finally, the first release of the memory.library
is available. The purpose of this release is to supply
virtual memory to the AmigaOs in a flexible and compatible
way. There is not yet much documentation, but there are
includes and autodocs.


The THOR-Software Licence (v3, January 2nd 2021)

This License applies to the computer programs known as "mmu.library", the
"disassembler.library", the version 40 releases of the "68040.library", the
"MuTools", including "MuForce", "MuGuardianAngel", "MuSetCacheMode",
"MuScan", "MuLink", "MuMove4K", "FixCybAccess", "CheckFPU", "MuOVLYMGR",
"MuLockLib", "MuOmniSCSIPatch" and the corresponding documentation, known as
".guide" files. The "Program", below, refers to such program. The "Archive"
refers to the package of distribution, as prepared by the author of the
Program, Thomas Richter. Each licensee is addressed as "you".

The Program and the data in the archive are freely distributable
under the restrictions stated below, but are also Copyright (c)
Thomas Richter.

Distribution of the Program, the Archive and the data in the Archive by a
commercial organization without written permission from the author to any
third party is prohibited if any payment is made in connection with such
distribution, whether directly (as in payment for a copy of the Program) or
indirectly (as in payment for some service related to the Program, or
payment for some product or service that includes a copy of the Program
"without charge"; these are only examples, and not an exhaustive
enumeration of prohibited activities).

However, the following methods of distribution involving payment shall not
in and of themselves be a violation of this restriction:

(i) Distributing the Program on a physical data carrier (e.g. CD-ROM,
DVD, USB-Stick, Disk...) provided that:

a) the Archive is reproduced entirely and verbatim on such data carrier,
including especially this licence agreement;

b) the data carrier is made available to the public for a nominal
fee only, i.e. for a fee that covers the costs of the data carrier,
and shipment of the data carrier;

c) a data carrier with the Program installed is made available to the
author for free except for shipment costs, and

d) provided further that all information on said data carrier is
redistributable for non-commercial purposes without charge.

Redistribution of a modified version of the Archive, the Program or the
contents of the Archive is prohibited in any way, by any organization,
regardless whether commercial or non-commercial. Everything must be kept
together, in original and unmodified form.




Thomas Richter

So long,
Thomas (January 2022)

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