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Developer:Roland Mainz
Short: New datatypes.library, V45.4
Author: GISBURN@w-specht.rhein-ruhr.de (Roland Mainz)
Uploader: GISBURN w-specht rhein-ruhr de (Roland Mainz)
Type: util/libs
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

Requires: util/libs/dtypeslib453.LhA

New "datatypes.library", V45.4.

---- NOTE ----

This archive is only a a quickly build archive to get something working for the
"Computer 97'" fair in Colone/Germany. The main archive follows (or V45.5)

---- NOTE ----

This project replaces the old datatypes.library V40.6 from CBM.

NOTE: This is a "Preview"-Release, many things (like the example code) are currently unter construction
(except the library itself; it's finished).

Changes since V45.3:
- Recompiled with SAS/C 6.58.
This may fix mc68060 related problems (I was searching for this
mc68060 incompatibility a long time :-(( ).

- Fixed a bug in LaunchToolA that the given strings were not
freed on some conditions.

- Fixed a bug (race condition) in RemoveDTObject that
DTM_REMOVEDTOBJECT was executed BEFORE internal RemoveGadget.
Now DTM_REMOVEDTOBJECT is correctly executed AFTER RemoveGadget.

- Internal Delay's (when waiting for flags in RemoveDTObject and
DisposeDTObject etc.)
have been reduced from 1/2 sec down to 1/5 sec.

- StartDragSelect now sets Result2 (IoErr()) with valid return

- All library calls to datatypes.library are now going througth
the LVO explicitly.

- ObtainDataTypeA has been rewritten to get more speed.
This fixes also some bugs, see below.

- ObtainDataTypeA: Fixed the bug that a 0 in the comparisation mask
was treated as an empty mask field.
Now the 0 is correctly recognized.
This fixes the bug with the QRT descriptor and some other formats.

- ObtainDataTypeA: Endless loop in conjunction with "PostScript"
descriptors and "DTDescrList". Problem was that the code to get
the next node from a given node didn't expect that two nodes
have the same name.

- ObtainDataTypeA: Fixed the memory loss of n * 40 bytes (e.g.
loss of a iffparse.library IFFHandle).
Thanks to Oliver Robers (oliver@poboxes.com) for reporting the bug.

- ObtainDataTypeA: Fixed a bug that an custom compatisation hook
(e.g. the DTCD code in a descriptor) for IFF forats gets an
IFFHandle and a file handle. Now only the IFFHandle is given, the
file handle is NULL (because iffparse.library manages the file

- ObtainDataTypeA: The clipboard did not work with masks longer
than 64 bytes.

- Increased the stack size of the async layout process from 8192
up to 16384 bytes. Should be __really__ enougth now.

- Changed the behaviour of DoAsyncLayout:
Previously, the DTSIF_LAYOUT flag was used to indicate that a
layout process is running.
Now the DTA_LayoutProc attribute is always checked.
The "normal" Forbid / Permit protection of async layout process
creation / signalling / deletion has been replaced by an
internal datatypes.library semaphore.

- Increased the stack size of the printer process. Should be
__really__ enougth now.

- Fully backwards compatible: The datatypes.library V45 has the same interface as V40/V39,
old applications won't have problems with this update.

- Speed. The new datatypes.library is a little bit faster than the original. On request,
a 020-version wouuld be possible.

- Bug-Fixes: datatypes.library V45 fixes all bugs I knew about the datatypes.library V40.6.

- Extended interface:
The new datatypes.library introduces new features in the datatypes system:
- Tools: You can define a set of tools for each datatype.
A DT browser like "GMultiView" is able to present the list of tools in a
menu/dock/etc., and is able to launch them.

For example, you're viewing a C source, you're able to launch CED from the
tools menu.

- Image: The datatypes.library V45 includes the docs how to handle a datatype
like an image within applications and/or other subclasses.

- Descriptor list: Applications are now able to access the datatypes global descriptor
list in a system-friedly way.

- AREXX interface: A backwards-compatible and extended interface

Many other features have been added to make things using datatypes easier.



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Upload Date:Aug 21 2017
Size:44 KB