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Description:The magnifying glass program
Developer:Matthias Böcker
Short: The magnifying glass program
Author: amigazeux@gmx.net (Matthias Böcker)
Uploader: amigazeux@gmx.net (Matthias Böcker)
Type: util/wb
Version: 2.1
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0; ppc-morphos >= 3.0.0, ppc-amigaos >= 4.1
Requires: /util/libs/zlib.lha
Website: http://amigazeux.net

This is version 2.1 of Lupe. The magnifying glass program.

Lupe has been developed from 1995 to 1997 up to version 1.9 by Frank Toepper.
The source code to version 1.9 was released to Aminet by Stephan Rupprecht in
February 2000.

Porting of the original source code from C to AmigaE, support for MorphOS and
AmigaOS4 and the resulting update to V2.0 and V2.1 with new features and a
couple of bug fixes was done by Matthias "UltraGelb" Böcker.

The original Archive of Lupe V1.10ß including the source code to V1.9 is
contained in this Archive.

The AmigaE source code to Lupe 2.1 is also part of this archive.

Thanks to the beta testers for their help and also the many useful
suggestions and ideas!

Lupe magnifies an area surrounding the mouse pointer and displays it in a
separate window.

- The magnification factor is adjustable
- Can jump to any screen
- Crosshair
- Optionally shows mouse coordinated
- A pixel grid is available
- Special Fast-mode for fast continous updates
- Possibility to set the area to fixed coordinates
- Can show the RGB values of the current pixel
- Saving of the current window contents as IFF or PNG file
- Auto-jump to the currently active screen
- Supports CyberGfx bitmaps >8 bit depth
- Comes with a MorphOS version
- Comes with an AmigaOS4 version

Minimum Requirements are AmigaOS 3.0 for the AmigaOS/68K version.
The MorphOS version needs at least MorphOS 3.0.
The AmigaOS4 version needs at least AmigaOS 4.1 FE.

PNG saving in the 68K version needs z.library available at
http://aminet.net/util/libs/zlib.lha. The z.library that comes with MUI5
also works apparently.

Changes for V2.1 - 15.10.2022
- Added italian AmigaGuide documentation translated by Samir Hawamdeh.

- Added an TEXTFRAMETYPE option to change the type of frame that is to be
drawn around the coordinates and RGB displays.
(Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev for the suggestion)

- The window can now also be moved around by using the cursor keys or the
numeric key pad. The 'immovable' option has no effect on this. For
details/qualifiers please see the documentation.
(Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev for the suggestion)

- 68k version now uses z.library (http://aminet.net/util/libs/zlib.lha) for
PNG saving. The z.library that comes with MUI5 also works.

- Added support for application.library/ringhio on OS4 to notify the user
when an image was saved.

- Added native support for OS4 intuition screen notifications when WB wants
to close/reopen.

- Added native support for iconify and jump-screen gadget if OS4 is detected.

- There is now an OS4 native compile of Lupe.

- Added a 'Pause' mode that can be activated either by Project menu and its
menu key, just pressing space when the Lupe window is active or by a
definable hotkey (see PAUSEKEY argument/ToolType).

- The 68K version of Lupe now checks for zlib.library at program start and if
there isn't it will disable the 'Save PNG' menu item.

- There is now a bonus drawer which at the moment only contains an
alternative glow icon by Luca (thanks for the icon :-))

- Double-clicking the Lupe window while holding the SHIFT key will move the
Lupe window to the back now if it's not set as a frontdrop window. Useful
when set to borderless.
(Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev for the suggestion)

- Double-clicking the Lupe window will bring it to font now if it is not set
as a backdrop window.
(Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev for the suggestion)

- Added glow icons done by Mikhail Malyshev which will be used from now on
for the 68K version of Lupe. Thank you Mikhail :-)

- Added HORIZSLIDER option to have the zoom-slider in the bottom border of
the window instead of the right border.
(Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev for bugging me)

- FRONTDROP option is now simulated on classic AmigaOS and does a timed
WindowToFront() every now and then. (Thanks Mikhail for the hint :-))

- Added BACKDROP and FRONTDROP options to have the window either always stay
in the background or in the foreground respectively.
(Thanks to Luca Longone for the suggestion)

- Added WINDOWBORDER option. The argument following must be a number in the
range 0 to 3 to select what kind of window border to use.
(Thanks to Luca Longone for the suggestion)

- Added padding for RGB and and coordinates texts between frame and text.
Use XTEXTPADDING and YTEXTPADDING to change the padding horizontally and
vertically respectively.
Valid range is 0 to 4 pixel. Default is 1 Pixel.
(Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev for the suggestion)

- Added 'Open Icon-Info' menu item to the 'Settings' menu to open the icon
info window on the workbench of Lupe's icon. This mostly makes sense with
the ICONNOTIFY option to have another way to edit all options without the
need to restart Lupe.

- Reworked the menu structure. Instead of having just the 'Project' menu,
screen related items are now in the new 'Screen' menu. Settings related
items were moved to a 'Settings' menu.

- Improved scaling/blitting so that there are no small black borders anymore
on the right and bottom sides.
(Thanks to Luca Longone for bugging me)

- Lupe will now try to use the systems default font (gfxbase.defaultfont)
before using topaz.font as a final fallback.
(Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev for the suggestion)

- You can now specify your own font Lupe will use to display Coordinates and
RGB using the UserFont argument. The font specified needs to be an
non-proportional (mono) font. Format to use here is fontname[.font][/size].
Example: USERFONT=xen/9
(Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev for the suggestion)

- Fixed broken error handling for the PNG saver in the Amiga68k version. It
never reported any errors like missing libraries due to a wrong #ifdef.
(Thanks to Samir Hawamdeh for reporting this).

- Coordinates and the RGB pixel value are no longer drawn in the window
border but instead are drawn in the window itself now. This was done in
order to avoid collisions with programs like Birdie and since drawing in
window borders is bad anyhow.

- Added russian catalogs by Mikhail Malyshev.

- Added italian catalogs by Samir Hawamdeh and Luca Longone.

- Added visual prefs Iconify gadget support, so Lupe now also sports an
iconify gadget on OS3.x if visual prefs is running or the standalone
'tbiclass' (aminet/dev/gui/titlebar_ic.lha) is installed.
(Thanks to Mikhail Malyshev for the suggestion)

- Mouse wheel zoom can now be inverted by tooltype or CLI argument
(Thanks to Luca Longone for the suggestion)

- Lupe will now open its AppIcon at 0,0 when iconified.
(Thanks to Luca Longone for the suggestion)

- Added some missing localisations in the about requester.
(Thanks to Samir Hawamdeh for pointing this out).

- Lupe now displays its name and version in the screen title when the window
is active.
(Thanks to Samir Hawamdeh for the suggestion)

- Fixed an enforcer hit when parsing CLI arguments that are defined as /K/S.

Upload Date:Oct 29 2022
Size:387 KB