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Description:MagicUserInterface 3.8, user files.
Developer:Stefan Stuntz
Short: MagicUserInterface 3.8, user files
Author: stuntz@sasg.com
Uploader: stuntz sasg com
Type: util/libs
Version: 3.8
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

Version 3.8 (12-Feb-97) (muimaster.library V19.31)


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Changes for users:

- When tab-cycling through objects of a virtual group, MUI tries to
ensure that the surrounding active object frame is always visible.

- Added a little gimmick for registered users (OS 3.x required): Take a
digitized picture of yourself (approximately 80x100 pixels in size)
and copy it to "MUI:user.pic". MUI's preferences will then become a
little more personal :). Note that you can use any graphics format
(ilbm, gif, jpeg, etc) as long as you have a datatype to read it. In
other words: if you can view it with Multiview, MUI can display it
too. Take care that the picture is not too big, otherwise MUI might
fail to open the prefs window. Thanks again for supporting MUI and the

- Included new catalogs:
Portuguese by Fernando Nunes and Alexandre Gabriel
Spanish by Pedro Luis Mieza and Juan Antonio Ramirez

- Translations of PSI were still messed up. All catalog related problems
should finally be fixed now.

- Fixed a few more bugs concerning the appearance and refresh of help

- Fixed a possible deadlock that could occur when balancing objects were
used in certain combinations.

- Balancing could accidently mess up the display of active object frames.

- Implemented keyboard control for balance objects.

Changes for programmers:

- Reduced stack usage a little. Note well: this is no excuse for lazy
programmers! As mentioned in the MUI developer docs, the default stack
size of 4k is not enough for MUI programs! 8k is an acceptable

- MUIA_Gauge_InfoText is now also possible for vertical gauge objects.

- Made MUIM_Window_Snapshot method public. See autodocs for details.

- MUI would accidently refuse to automatically move a listviews display
to the active entry, even though the MUIA_List_AutoJump flag was set.

Upload Date:Aug 17 2017
Size:1009 KB