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Description:A screen saver with mermaids written with Hollywood by Juan Carlos 'Templario' Herran Martin.
Developer:J.C. Herran Martin

Acuario is a freeware proyect programmed with Hollywood from Amiga systems and
Windows, this screensaver brings you 2D graphics, but with things that others 3D
screensavers haven't, for example one mermaid and that Acuario is portable, without
that you need install it in your system, you can run it from Pendrive, etc.
Aquarius has the particularity of mixing in the same environment varieties of fish that in
the real life would be impossible of that crayfishes were coexisting together, tropical
fish, fish of sweet water of the river The Amazon, fish of the great barrier of Australia
and even mythological beings as our mermaid Gracie, but it is the advantage of being a
virtual aquarium, you can have what you want without worrying about them health, they
to give of eating, the water to change them etc. or even they that die.


The 68k real hardware or under emulation:
- AHI.
- CPU 68020 or highter.
- Amiga O.S. 3.0-3.5-3.9.
- Graphic card. Picasso96 tested. BVision gfx with Cybergraphix 4.
- AGA chipset using the Plananarama Holywood plugin.
- Datatypes and best with WarpDataypes for graphics.
- mpga.library for mp3 sound files.
- reqtools V39.x or highter.
- pngalpha.library for png graphics.
- AfA_OS 4.7
The PPC real hardware:
- AHI.
- CPU PPC 600 MHZ or highter.
- Amiga™ 1200/4000 with BPPC™.
- AmigaOS 4.x™.
- MorphOS™.
- mpga.library for mp3 sound files.
PC running Windows XP™, Vista™, 7™, 8™ or 10™..
You need the next Hollywood™ plugins to play the formats:
· oggvorbis.hwp to play the ogg files.
· avcodec.hwp to play m4a and mp3 files.
· digibooster.hwp to play DigiBooster™ format “dbm”.
· ahx.hwp to play the Hively Tracker™ format “hvl”.
· plananarama.hwa to run on AGA machines.
Windows users: Acuario is a portable screen saver you can copy the executable where
you want and make a direct access and put in your desktop or you have it in one
pendrive and and start from there.
For Amiga™ users: Copy the drawer with the program where you want.
NOTE: You don’t forget install the Hollywood plugins to play song format files.


- Acuario 2018:
1. Compiled with Hollywood™ 7.1.
2. Fixed many bugs.

- Acuario 2016:
3. Compiled with Hollywood™ 6.1.
4. Fixed bugs.

- Acuario 2015:
1. Compiled with the last Hollywood™ 6.0 Epiphany.
2. Remove the password option for no usable option.
3. Changed the Hot Keys, now only the Functions keys are available.
4. Reprogrammed some program functions like save preferences inside an only

- Acuario 2012:
5. Compiled with the last Hollywood™ 5 Infinity.
6. New fish.
7. Now oggvorbis sound file is support.

- Final Version:
1. The last mermaid Gigi: beautiful, brave and slightly intelligent.

- The version 2.07:
1. Added option of show FPS in Acuario running with F10 key.
2. Rebuilding the executables in WinUAE™ and only for Amiga™ OS 68k, OS4.x
and Windows™ XP™ or highter, systems where I have tested the Acuario.

- The version 2.06:
1. Corrected the menu of language choose.
2. Available and choosable the mermaid in the screen saver among all Acuario
3. A new mermaid in this case an ebony mermaid.
4. Added new languages: Greek and Czech.
5. There isn’t MorphOS™ version, never more.

- The version 2.05:
6. Correct the some bugs in the music options.
7. Now Acuario is available with text in French, German and Italian languages via
F9 keyboard.
8. Now there is one AROS™ x86 version.
9. New Ningyo called Maria, the japan version of mermaids.

- The version 2.00:
1. New mermaid now she is Ondina a subspecies of the mermaids.
2. New voices for the Ondina.
3. New fishes: Tetra. Discus. Cebrita. Regal Angel.
4. New submarine.
5. New intro.
6. Now the AcuaPrefs is integraded inside the secreen saver.
7. Corrected the code of open/save the configuration files.
8. The fonts with the new Hollywood™ 4.5 are embeded in the executables.

- The version 1.76:
1. New mermaid animation corrected.
2. New voices for the mermaid.
3. New inhabitant in the aquarium: one crab.
4. New background of high resolution.
5. Bubbles animation with new effect for the new background.
6. New system of position for plants, bubbles and crab for the different screen
7. New option for AcuarioPrefs (Amiga™ version only), now again you can
choose the default melody.

- The version 1.75:
1. Two new fishes. A new Tetra fish and the new fish: Copper banded Butterfly.
Corrected some bug in Angel fish.
2. New background in high resolution.
3. New background music only in Windows™ and MAC™ version.
4. New executable in MAC™ with all graphics, sounds and music embebed in the
executable file.
5. Added and changed font for digital clok and date.
6. Mermaid routines optimized in Amiga™ versions.
- The version 1.74:
1. The tools in Amiga™ systems: PassConfig and MusicPath now are one only
tool: AcuarioPrefs.

- The version 1.73:
1. Now you can choose your favorite music in mp3 or mod as background music
inside of its folder, only you have to avoid paths very long because the Acuario
doesn't work fine; for it you have use the new tool called MusicPath. This new
option only is available for Amiga™ systems.

- The version 1.72:
1. The cover mermaid is show with different visual effects.
2. Sounds, music, background and graphics integrated only for Windows'™

- The version 1.71:
1. New executables compileds with the new Hollywood™ 3.1.
2. Autosave and load the speed changes of the Acuario.

- The version 1.70:
1. New executables compileds with the new Hollywood™ 3.0.
2. Now the Mermaid has voices when she is in your screen.
3. Now you can hear of background mp3 or mod music files only you have that
copy your favorite song into the drawer and rename it as Melodia.
4. Also you can to change the speed of your Acuario to adapt it to your system, it
has throught for WinUAE™ and you can adjust it to your PC or MAC™ system.

- The version 1.50:
1. Now you can use the Acuario with password protection for when you go out and
you left alone your Amiga™ but working and you need that nobody use your
Amiga™ in your absence.
2. Only you have the enter your password with PasswordConfig if you want it, but
if you want change it only you have that use the PasswordConfig option F2, if
you don't want with password only you have the use the option F1 and the
config only there is for one time or when your want to change some thing.
3. New mermaid (24 bit) and new Clown fish.

- Since the version 1.00 have:
1. Concepts and has improvements in the enviroment also new fishes and new
special features as one clock with date and sound On/Off.

The Acuario Screen Saver has the next Hot Keys to handle the options.
- This option silences all sounds effects in the Acuario:
1. Bubbles background sound.
2. Mermaid’s voices.
3. Music background.
This option is for case when you speak by telephone, with a friend, etc., you can
activate the sounds one to one for best comfort.
- This option turn off/on the background bubbles’ sound.
- This option show or not the clock with the date and time.
- This option turn on/off the background music that you chosen with F5 key if there
isn’t one music file Acuario doesn’t play it.
- This option open a window asking you the path with the song file:
mod, dbm, hvl, mp3, ogg ,m4a, in your hard disk.
- This option you choose the mermaid in your screen, to see the mermaids available
you can see them in the NOTES below.
- This option activates/deactivates the mermaid as other fish more but in this case with
her voices in Acuario.
- This option you can choose your language among availables int his current version
that they are the next:
1 .Spanish. 2. Italian. 3. French. 4.German. 5. English. 6. Greek. 7. Czech.
When you choose your language, Acuario saves this variable and ask you reboot your
program, for this change has effect, now when you again run Acuario the messages are
showin your language.
- This option show the FPS frames per second of Acuario running.
- This option shows the current program version.
- This option raises/fall the speed the Acuario.
- Exit the Acuario.
H – h = HotKeys Help
- The hotkeys help.
Upload Date:Sep 15 2019
Size:4 MB