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Description:MESA/OpenGL implementation for AmigaOS
Developer:Sam Jordan, Various
Short: MESA/OpenGL implementation for AmigaOS
Author: Sam Jordan, Various
Uploader: sjo sam-jordan ch (Sam Jordan)
Type: util/libs
Version: 3.1
Replaces: util/libs/StormMesa_LibsPPC.lha
Architecture: ppc-warpup

StormMESA V3.1
A freeware (LGPL) 3D graphics library for 68K- and PowerPC AMIGA's
Almost completely OpenGL compatible

Based on MESA V3.0 beta 8 by Brian Paul
Based on AMESA V1.6 by Stefan Zivkovic

StormMESA V3.1 is presented by HAAGE & PARTNER Computer GmbH
StormMESA V3.1 implementation maintained by Sam Jordan - 10.12.98

To install the StormMesa 3.x software, you need to download one of
the following archives:

StormMesa_Libs68K.lha (68K version)
StormMesa_LibsPPC.lha (PPC verison)

Of course you can download and install both archives for both CPU's.
These archives also contain the StormMesa documentation.

After you installed the libraries, you will probably want to download
some demo programs, which use the StormMesa 3.x software. There are
several demo archives, which you can download. Here comes a description
of the demo archives (and it is suggested that you download them in
that order, because the first ones contain the most impressive demos).

The following archives contain the most complex and impressive OpenGL

StormMesa_Demos268K.lha (68K version)
StormMesa_Demos2PPC.lha (PPC version)

The next archives contain some demos suitable for fast 3D equipment
and also demos, which utilize the GLE and GLSMAP implementations to
demonstrate very special effects:

StormMesa_Demos368K.lha (68K version)
StormMesa_Demos3PPC.lha (PPC version)

These archives contain demos from the Mesa archive, some of them are
known from the StormMesa 2.0 distribution:

StormMesa_Demos168K.lha (68K version)
StormMesa_Demos1PPC.lha (PPC version)

Here some more demos from the Mesa archives (including 'wave' and
'olympic' from the StormMesa 2.0 distribution):

StormMesa_Demos468K.lha (68K version)
StormMesa_Demos4PPC.lha (PPC version)

The following archives contain a lot of smaller demos, which demonstrate
the power of the OpenGL API:

StormMesa_Demos568K.lha (68K version)
StormMesa_Demos5PPC.lha (PPC version)

These archives contain some more specialized demos, which demonstrated
special OpenGL rendering techniques:

StormMesa_Demos668K.lha (68K version)
StormMesa_Demos6PPC.lha (PPC version)

In this distribution there is also an AMIGA port of the famous Viewperf
benchmark. Note, that you have to download the data files from the
internet, please refer to the StormMesa documentation.

StormMesa_VPerf68K.lha (68K version)
StormMesa_VPerfPPC.lha (PPC version)

If you want to develop OpenGL software yourself then you need the
developer archive:


For those, who are interested in the complete Mesa archive with all
sources, download the following archives:

StormMesa_Archive.lha (Mesa archive, without GL/GLU/GLUT sources,
but with a lot of demo sources)
StormMesa_Src.lha (The sources for GL, GLU and GLUT)

Upload Date:Aug 12 2019
Size:530 KB