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Description:Network speed test utility
Developer:Karl Jeacle
AmiSpeedTest performs LAN and Internet speed tests.

Requirements are Workbench 2.0 and a TCP/IP stack.

Internet tests work by asking the AmiSpeedTest server for a list of nearby
servers. TCP connections are opened to each of these to determine the server
with lowest latency. Download and upload tests target the chosen server.

The program can also operate as a LAN client or LAN server so speed tests
can be performed on the local network. Run the server on a fast Amiga or
UAE for best results.

The application buffer size can be set to 8/16/32 KB. Depending on the test,
adjusting this can affect performance. Your TCP/IP software will also have a
configurable socket buffer but this is likely to be using a sensible default.

When run from Workbench, AmiSpeedTest will open its own screen if the
Workbench screen height is less than 400 pixels.

Bug reports and feedback welcome: Karl Jeacle <karl@jeacle.ie>

Workbench tooltypes

HOST=w.x.y.z - Target server name or IP
PORT=8080 - Target server port number
BUFFER=8/16/32 - Buffer size in kibibytes
MODE=SPEEDTEST - Run as a Speedtest.net client
MODE=FAST - Run as a Fast.com client
MODE=LANCLIENT - Run as a LAN client
MODE=LANSERVER - Run as a LAN server
SPORT=8080 - Port to listen on when run as server
SCREEN=TRUE - Open in window on own screen
SCREEN=FALSE - Open in window on Workbench
UNIT=KILOBIT - Show speeds in kb/s (1000 bit unit)
UNIT=KILOBYTE - Show speeds in kB/s (8000 bit unit)
UNIT=KIBIBIT - Show speeds in Kib/s (1024 bit unit)
UNIT=KIBIBYTE - Show speeds in KiB/s (8192 bit unit)

CLI arguments

HOST/K - Server name or IP
PORT/K/N - Server port number
BUFFER/K/N - Buffer size in kibibytes (8/16/32)
FAST/S - Run as a Fast.com client
SERVER/S - Run as a server
WINDOW/S - Open in window on Workbench
SCREEN/S - Open in window on own screen
UNIT/K - Unit size as per tooltype above

CLI examples

To run as a LAN client to server with 8KB buffer:

AmiSpeedTest HOST= PORT=5000 BUFFER=8

To run as a LAN server on port 1234 in a window reporting kilobytes:



Patrik Axelsson, Rob Cranley, Mikhail Malyshev, Iarla O'Riada


0.7 - 2020-03-16
- ttcp / iPerf2 support
- Upload / download option
- Help menu and AmigaGuide file
- Fixed freeze on OS4 GUI
- GlowIcons

0.6 - 2019-12-22
- Run tests as a Fast.com client
- Menu for kilo/kibi bit/byte
- Tooltypes for host, ports, buffer, mode, unit
- CLI arguments for unit and Fast.com

0.5 - 2019-10-21
- Run tests as a client on LAN
- Run tests as a server on LAN
- Specify app buffer size of 8/16/32 KB
- Settings window for server name/port
- CLI args for host, port, server, buffer

0.4 - 2019-08-25
- Single executable for both CLI and GUI
- Use window if Workbench has enough space
- Screen uses Workbench screen and font size
- CLI args and tooltype choose window/screen
- Use console device for all output
- Use kilobytes not kibibytes

0.3 - 2019-07-27
- Better break handling
- GUI runs test as task
- CLI opens own CON window
- Avoid stack overflow
- LHA uses generic format

0.2 - 2019-07-02
- Catch failed connections
- Support long hostnames

0.1 - 2019-06-28
- Initial test release

Upload Date:Mar 16 2020
Size:26 KB