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Description:Play MPEG/RealAudio internet streams
Developer:Brian Donahue
Short: Internet radio player
Author: dijboutie@googlemail.com (Brian Donahue)
Uploader: dijboutie googlemail com (Brian Donahue)
Type: comm/www
Version: 2.13
Replaces: comm/www/streamer.lha
Requires: AmigaOS 3.5, mpega.library, MIAMI/Genesis/Roadshow, OpenURL, AHI
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.5

Streamer is an Internet radio (ShoutCast/IceCast) player. It can stream MPEG
and RealAudio files from any web server and play them in real-time. It can
also 'record' files by saving them to disk as they play.

Supported protocols
HTTP with in-band track information (Shoutcast, Icecast)
Supported audio types
MPEG layer 1/2/3
RealAudio 1.0
RealAudio 28.8
AAC (only with the FAAD player)
Supported languages
German, Turkish, Polish (English is built-in)
Supported audio hardware
Any provided through AHI
Supported MPEG decoders
(allegedly any hardware that can use the MHI library)

Changes 2.08->2.09
- New Web client - better HTTP support
- Supports URL encoding (web addresses with spaces and other characters)
- Supports HTTP basic authentication (usernames and passwords)
- Works with WinUAE Amiga emulator (WinSock doesn't support MSG_WAITALL tag)

Changes 2.09->2.11
- Fixed some synchronisation bugs
- The Shoutcast metadata is now properly aligned
- Synchronised processes so they don't trash each others' data
- Status window now shows track data (Shoutcast)
- Properly handle button events while player is running

Changes 2.11->2.12
- Fixed a palette bug that caused a hang opening on < 24-bit screens
- Can download and play PLS files from Internet
- Fixed the recent list not adding new streams
- Code cleanup and source control implemented

Changes 2.12->2.13
- Fix chooser "tuner" selection
- Re-enabled WWW button (was disabled for "reasons")
- Recent gadget plays selected (not selected+1) item.
- Fix launch from Command-line
- Adjust subtask priority to prevent hangs on high load

Ware: Freeware. Enjoy!

Upload Date:Dec 21 2020
Size:485 KB