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Description:A Multimedia Player programmed with Hollywood
Developer:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: V.A.M.P.
Version: 3.10
Kind: Multimedia Player
Plataform: Amiga68k
Requeriments: Hollywood plugins v10
Description: This multimedia player is programmed with Hollywood 10 and it is with part of source
code from Andreas Falkenhahn examples to VideoPlayer and AnimPlayer.
Also this a little tool to test the video formats supported for Hollywood.

V.A.M.P. display the next multimedia formats currently:

* Amiga Anim formats: anim, anim5, ham6, ham8, yafa.
* MovieSetter movies format.
* Web animation formats: gif, apng.
* Show pictures: jpg, png, gif, lbm, bmp, svg, jp2(jpeg 2000), tiff, pcx.
webp with WarpDT datatypes.
* Video format support: cdxl, ogg Theora, avi, mov, mpeg, mpg, wmv, flv, mp4, DivX,
vob, m4v, 3gp.
NOTE: You remember, V.A.M.P. has limitations playing videos with big sizes playing
more slow.
* Video formats not support: mkv, webm, rmvb.
* Sound files: 8svx, 16svx, iff, aiff, wav, riff, wave, ogg, mp3, wma, flac.
* Mod music files: mod, med, dbm, hvl, s3m, xm, sid.
* Songs files: wav, ac3, mp3, ogg, m4a, wma.

Changes 3.10:

- Fixed the bug using the old plugin flicanim.hwp, now it uses the new flic.hwp.
- Added a new counter/decounter playing videos, songs, etc.

Changes 3.05
- Fixed bug open movies with less of 100 frames, for example animations converted
to avi files with AnimWebConverter.
- Fixed the visual bug when you stopped the movie, before was showed a little frame
from the movie.

Changes 3.0
- Compiled with the last Hollywood 10.0
- Removed the xmlparser plugin use.
- Removed the F1 key and the black full screen mode to avoid crashes.
- Play sid music files from Commodore 64.
- Play modules from Octamed, FastTracker II, med, xm and s3m files.
- Bug fixes.

Upload Date:Aug 05 2023
Size:3 MB