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Description:Image processing program
Short: Image processing program
Author: jPV^RNO
Uploader: jpv morphos-user com (jPV^RNO)
Type: gfx/edit
Version: 1.4
Requires: MUI, TextEditor.mcc, codesets, guigfx, render, and reqtools libs
Architecture: m68k-amigaos


RNOEffects is a simple image processing program with a focus on good batch
conversion options and alpha channel based effects.


- Around 30 different image processing effects including drop shadows,
elliptical crop, and other effects that would need several steps for other
similar programs
- Drawing options for brushes, text, lines, ellipses, boxes, and arrows
- Batch converter and image joining/combining tools
- All effects can be applied to images in a freely selectable order in a
batch conversion or image joining/combining process
- Unlimited number of images can be joined into a single image
- Supports saving to PNG, JPEG, GIF, ILBM, BMP, and all Amiga icon formats
- Can save multiple images as a single PDF file
- ARexx support


- AmigaOS 3.0, fast CPU (68020 compatible), lots of memory
- MUI 3.8 or later (http://aminet.net/package/util/libs/mui38usr)
- TextEditor.mcc (http://aminet.net/search?query=mcc+texteditor)
- codesets.library (http://aminet.net/search?query=codesets)
- guigfx.library (http://aminet.net/package/dev/misc/guigfxlib)
- render.library (http://aminet.net/search?query=renderlib), v32 is probably
the best for <040 CPUs
- reqtools.library (http://aminet.net/package/util/libs/ReqToolsLib)


Copy the whole directory anywhere you want and just launch the program


- Next and previous images in a directory can be loaded by pressing the
up/down arrow keys or PageUp/PageDown keys.
- Use the left arrow key for Undo and the right arrow key for the Redo.
- Crop and Draw effect positioning can be set with a mouse press over an image
- The Keep mode (in the cycle gadet at the top right corner) retains the
main window size even if the content resolution changes.
- The Undo/Redo buffer requires quite a lot of memory, so undo levels are set
to a minimum for the OS3 version, but can be altered from the Settings menu
- The Background effect draws into transparent areas of an image. Transparency
is indicated with being able to see the checkered pattern in the program.
- The Alpha option in the Draw effect makes the effect to draw into an image's
alpha channel instead of the colour channel. It can be used to add or remove
transparency in images, such as, to make a part of an image see-through.
- Multiple effects can be applied to each image in a batch conversion process
when joining/combining images, or when creating a selected state image for
an icon. In all cases the order of the applied effects can be changed from
the Batch Convert window.
- Some icon formats have fall-back image(s) in the original AmigaOS icon
format. These fall-back icons are created automatically by the program.
All icon images (frames) can be previewed in the Icon options window.
- The program can store an image within the system's clipboard, but may not
preserve transparency information on all systems. The program's internal
buffer stores an exact copy of an image, so is better for internal use.


RNOEffects uses non-standard command line arguments. Arguments must be given
in the form of (note the "-" prefix): -argument parameter

Allowed arguments:
-file <file> . . . . - Opens a picture file at startup
-defdir <dir> . . . . - Sets the initial directory to open files
-args . . . . . . . . - Shows the allowed arguments

RNOEffects -file "Work:Pics/Some picture.png"

The same arguments can be used as icon tooltypes, by omitting the "-" prefix.



Program's ARexx port is RNOEFFECTS.1 (and .2, .3 etc. for multiple instances)
and supported commands are:

LOAD <file> . . . . . . . . - Loads a new image
NEXT . . . . . . . . . . . - Loads the next image in the current directory
PREV . . . . . . . . . . . - Loads the previous image in the current dir
SAVE <format> <file> . . . - Saves the displayed image, format can be PNG,
JPG:n (n is the JPEG quality), GIF, IFF, BMP, or
ICON (icon options are taken from the GUI)
<effect> <setting=value> . - Applies an effect with supplied settings
UNDO . . . . . . . . . . . - Undo the last modification
REDO . . . . . . . . . . . - Redo an undo operation
NEW . . . . . . . . . . . . - Creates a new empty image
COPYBUFFER . . . . . . . . - Copies the image to the internal buffer
PASTEBUFFER . . . . . . . . - Pastes an image from the internal buffer
COPY . . . . . . . . . . . - Copies the image to the clipboard
PASTE . . . . . . . . . . . - Pastes an image from the clipboard
QUIT . . . . . . . . . . . - Quits the program
HELP . . . . . . . . . . . - Returns a list of the supported commands
GET <FILE|RES> . . . . . . - Returns the requested value
GET <EFFECTS|<effect>> . . - Returns the list of effects or effect settings

Examples (MorphOS only):
RXCmd RNOEFFECTS.1 "draw subeffect=2 linex=10 liney=70 linel=80 linea=-45"

Examples (all Amiga compatibles):
RX "ADDRESS RNOEFFECTS.1;'blur radius=4'"
RX "ADDRESS RNOEFFECTS.1;'SAVE JPG:90 RAM:processed_image.jpg'"


Version 1.4:
- Images can be saved as AmigaOS, NewIcons, GlowIcons, OS4, PNG, and DualPNG
icons with configurable properties that include icon type, tooltypes,
selected image, default tool, stack, position, drawer properties, etc.
- Added the "Freehand" drawing mode
- Added the "Opacity map" effect for creating and inserting B&W opacity map
images of alpha channels
- Added the "ARexx" effect to launch ARexx scripts within the program
- Added an example ARexx script
- Better text editing/importing/exporting options for the text drawing effect
- Draw and crop effects can be positioned with the mouse
- Re-designed the line effect and added an arrowhead option
- Added buttons and keys to load next and previous pictures in the directory
- Added the undo levels setting
- Added the redo option
- Removed overlapping keyboard shortcuts for copy/cut/paste operations
- Fixed pathless file arguments
- Safer error handling
- Other changes and fixes

Version 1.3:
- Accepts a file argument and can be used as a default tool in project icons
- ARexx support
- 24 bit ILBM and BMP support

Version 1.2:
- Added contrast and monochromatic effects

Version 1.1:
- Added command line options and icon tooltypes
- More verbose when trying to load unsupported files


- A video demonstration of the program: https://youtu.be/KsRtDHXkEKA
- Please visit https://jpv.amigaaa.com/ for screenshots, support, donations,
and other software
- This program is made with Hollywood: http://www.hollywood-mal.com/


- Densho/RNO for the logo
- Neil Pearson for proof-reading


This software is made available to you as Freeware and you may use this
software in whatever way you wish, but the author accepts no liability for
any damage caused to your system or other connected peripherals by using
this software.

Please consider the time and effort I put in to create this utility for your
use and enjoyment. If you feel it is useful to you, please send a donation
that represents the benefit you gain from using it to me at the address found
in this ReadMe.txt file (Uploader) or click the Donate button at

Upload Date:Aug 15 2022
Size:5 MB