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Description:A little and easy web tool by Templarioto converter your old Amiga animations anim or yafa formats to the web current anim formats gif or apng, also you can use the tool to resize the animations or change the play speed or convert between formats gif or apng, the tool not convert to Amiga formats.
Developer:J.C. Herran Martin

Title: AnimWebConverter
Version: 5.10
Kind: Multimedia Player
Platform: Amiga 68k
Requeriments: Hollywood plugins v8.0: apng - flicanim - jpeg2000 - tiff - yafa
Description: AnimWebConverter is an easy program to convert your animations:
anim, gif, apng/png and yafa, to other formats, also you can change
its size, speed and extract one frame from it.

Available in the next languages:
Spanish. English. Italian. French. Polish.

Changes in 5.0:

1. New language available: Deutsch by Lars Brämer & G. Translator.
2. Compiled with last Hollywood version 9.1.
3. Menu bugs were fixed with the new Hollywood 9.0.
4. Added to save animation in iff with mode 5 compression from Hollywood.
5. Improvement when you save gif or lbm file, you can choose the colors palette among 8-16-32-64-128-256.
6. Improvement when you save the avi file, you can choose Frames Per Second and Quality/Compression video, by default 25 FPS and 100%.
7. Added the options of enlarge or reduce the animation using the percentage until 999%, suggested by Adam Mierzwa.
Upload Date:Nov 14 2023
Size:1 MB