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Description:Convert JP(E)Gs and PNGs to PDF
Developer:Bernd Assenmacher
Short: convert JP(E)Gs and PNGs to PDF
Author: Bernd Assenmacher
Uploader: b-a keemail me (Bernd Assenmacher)
Type: util/conv
Version: 1.3
Replaces: util/conv/Image2PDF.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros
Kurz: JP(E)Gs und PNGs nach PDF konvertieren

A little tool to convert PNG or JP(E)G files to PDF

In the first place its meant to convert scans done with e.g. Scandal
or Scanquix to PDF Documents in certain output formats like A3,A4,A5,
Legal,Letter or Scansize, but can be used to convert other png or
jp(e)g files too.

Image2PDF is "EmailWare" ;-) and free to use without any restrictions !!

If you use it and like the idea behind it :

Just send an email to me. :-)

Donations are always gratefully received

Btw :

Programming software is a very time intense process so if you want you can
support it/me by sending a small donation (for a beer ;-)) here :


Thank you .... :-)

History :

5th November 2022 --- V1.0
- initial release

12th November 2022 --- V1.1
- minor cleanups
- added AmigaOS3.x version (68k)
- added AmigaOS4.x version (PPC)

13th November 2022 --- V1.2
- its now possible to give the path of the picture to be converted via
- added AROS version (X86)
- added drawer and program icons for the different supported platforms
(thanks Carlo ;-))
- added icons for AmiKit (thanks Jan and Ken;-))

3rd January 2023 --- V1.3
- added icons from Carlo again which were accidently bad converted in V1.2
- corrected "Credits" in terms of the Amikit icon(s) ;-)
- the source folder and the save folder is now memorized when doing more than
one picture to PDF
- added requester which asks if it is wanted to do more pictures to PDF
- added requester if the PDF file already exists (overwrite protection)
- on commandline/shell it is no longer neccesary to give the full path of the
picture file
- its now checked if the PDF file to be saved ends with ".pdf"
- improved error message in case of invalid loaded picture/file
- added automatic closing of the viewer windows
- added Image2PDF as Hollywood Applet (at least Hollywood Player 9.1 has to
be used)


This readme file was made with Aminetreadmemaker from Thomas Igracki


Upload Date:Jan 04 2023
Size:6 MB