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Description:an Amiga version of the strategical Linux game Konquest
Short: Port of strategical Linux game Konquest
Author: bitplan.pl@gmail.com (Krzysztof Donat)
Uploader: bitplan pl gmail com (Krzysztof Donat)
Type: game/wb
Version: 2.0.2 (16-Mar-2021)
Replaces: game/wb/Galactica.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0
Distribution: Aminet

Galactica 2.0.2
By Krzysztof Donat
March 16, 2021

* Introduction
* Playing the Game
* License
* Requirements
* Installation

Galactica is a Amiga version of the strategical Linux game Konquest.
The goal is to dominate every single planet in the galaxy, defeating your

To start a new game, click Menu > New Game.

Taking most of the Game Window is the Galaxy Map, showing every planet's
position, name, and owner (by color). There are 20 planets in the entire
galaxy. You start the game with one planet (A), and the computer starts
the game with three planets (H, O, T). Yours planets are white, computer's
planets are blue, and neutral planets are gray.

By moving the mouse over a planet, you can view that planet's statistics.
These statistics appear to the right of the Map. They are:

* Planet Name: The name of the planet

* Owner: The owner of the planet (Player, Computer or Neutral)

* Defence of planet: The level of defense infrastructure
on the planet.
- Weak - adds 10% strength to all ships on the planet.
- Medium - adds 20% strength to all ships on the planet.
- Strong - adds 30% strength to all ships on the planet.

* Production: How many and what type of ships are produced
on the planet.
- Fighter:
- Production from 10 to 30 ships per turn
- Firepower - 40
- Produced on 40% of the planets
- Cruiser:
- Production from 8 to 25 ships per turn
- Firepower - 60
- Produced on 30% of the planets
- Bomber:
- Production from 6 to 19 ships per turn
- Firepower - 80
- Produced on 20% of the planets
- Destroyer:
- Production from 5 to 15 ships per turn
- Firepower - 100
- Produced on 10% of the planets

* Fleet on planet : The number of ships currently at the planet

You can't view a neutral and enemies planet's statistics until after it
has been attacked by you. Over the Owner Stats, you can view the current
turn and the Next Turn button.

To move ships from a planet, click on the source planet (must be owned by
you), then click the target planet (if your planet, you'll move ships;
otherwise, you'll attack). In the resulting dialog box, select the number
and type of ships you want to move. If you don't want to move any
ships, click the Cancel button. A ship or group of ships can move
across one square per turn.

Click the "Next Turn" button once you are done moving ships. After
completed turn, the ships will move in order of precedence. If a group of
ships arrives at a planet, one of the following messages will be displayed:
* "Reinforcements have arrived for planet X" - Ships you sent to
one of your own planets have arrived at planet X.
* "Planet X has held an attack from Y (Player)." - You were unsuccessful
at attacking planet X, neutral or otherwise.
* "Planet X has fallen to Player." - You defeated the natives/owner
of planet X and now own that planet.

Galactica is FREEWARE, but you can support author by PayPal:

Any Amiga with kickstart 3.0+

Just copy Galactica wherever you want.

2.0 (15-Mar-2021) - first piblic release
2.0.2 (16-mar-2021) - fix bug in messages handling

Upload Date:Mar 17 2021
Size:23 KB