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Description:Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...).
Developer:Fredrik Wikstrom
Short: Disk image device (adf,dms,ipf,iso,...)
Author: Fredrik Wikstrom
Uploader: Fredrik Wikstrom <fredrik a500 org>
Type: disk/misc
Version: 52.35
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0

This is an OS3.x port of the 52.x OS4 diskimage.device.

It is not to be confused with Thore Boeckelmann's diskimage.device, since it is
a from scratch development and not based on it in any way, so don't try to use
his GUI together with this device since it won't work (they are incompatible in
this way). The same mountlists can however be used for both devices.

Some important notes:

In order to mount .hdf files you will probably need to specify the correct
HighCyl value for the .hdf file in question (FFS2 ignores this value if
LowCyl = 0 so this is not a problem on OS4).

Large files (>=2GB) are supported if and only if the filesystem supports this
as well as the new 64-bit dospackets (like f.e. SFS2 filesystem).

In order to get localisation to work with the diskimage.device you may have to
move the line containing the following command in S:startup-sequence so that
it's located after the C:IPrefs command or the device will always use only the
builtin english strings:
C:Mount >NIL: DEVS:DOSDrivers/~(#?.info)


- 68020+ CPU (no FPU required)
- AmigaOS >= 3.0
- expat.library >= 4.1 - http://aminet.net/util/libs/expat.lha
- ClassAct/ReAction (DiskImageGUI) - http://aminet.net/dev/gui/classact33.lha
- screennotify.library (DiskImageGUI) -
- titlebar.image (DiskImageGUI) - http://aminet.net/dev/gui/titlebar_ic.lha
- capsimage.device (IPF plugin) - http://softpres.org/
- mpega.library (MP3 audio tracks) -


- AISS (DiskImageGUI) - http://masonicons.info/

Supported disk image formats:

- adf (Amiga Disk File)
- adz (gzipped adf file)
- bin
- ccd (CloneCD)
- cso (Compressed ISO)
- cpr (same format as dsk)
- cue
- d64 (use with 1541-Handler)
- daa
- dax
- dmg (Apple disk image format)
- dms (DiskMaSher)
- dsk (CPCEmu, non-EXTENDED images only)
- fdi
- gi (untested)
- hdf
- img
- ipf (needs capsimage.device)
- iso (CD/DVD)
- mdf (Daemon Tools/Alcohol)
- mds (Daemon Tools/Alcohol)
- nrg (Nero)
- raw
- toast (Roxio Toast)
- uif (MagicISO)
- vdi (VirtualBox)

Also supports compressed images through (if available):

- xadmaster.library
- xpkmaster.library


Put one of the included IDFx/ICDx mount files into DEVS:DOSDrivers (or
SYS:Storage/DOSDrivers in which case they will have to be mounted manually
with C:Mount before use).

To mount a disk image on ICD0:

MountDiskImage drive ICD0: imagefile.iso

To eject:

MountDiskImage drive ICD0: eject


52.35 (13-Jan-2015)
- Hook functions are now working correctly in DiskImageGUI. The reason that
they didn't work correctly in the previous version was that I changed the
code for them to use SDI_hook.h and SDI_hook.h only checked for 68000 CPU
related defines when deciding whether to use REG() or not and these are
not set by VBCC because I'm using -cpu=68020.
- Made DiskImagePlugin structure compatible with PPC version.
- Updated the German DiskImageGUI catalog.

52.34 (5-Jan-2015)
- Rewrote TD_ADDCHANGEINT/TD_REMCHANGEINT implementation to be more compatible
with trackdisk.device/scsi.device.
- TD_REMOVE/TD_ADDCHANGEINT/TD_REMCHANGEINT are now implemented as quick
- Fixed a memory leak in the FLAC decoder.
- Replaced several calls to AllocVec()/FreeVec() with AllocMem()/FreeMem().
- Inlined semaphore structures and eliminated usage of CreateSemaphore()/
DeleteSemaphore() support functions.
- Inlined list structures and eliminated usage of CreateList()/DeleteList()
support functions.
- Inlined message structures and eliminated usage of CreateMsg()/DeleteMsg()
support functions.
- Eliminated usage of CreatePortNoSignal()/DeletePortNoSignal() support
- Eliminated usage of CreateExtHook()/DeleteExtHook() support functions.
- Ported the VDI plugin.

52.33 (20-Sep-2014)
- MDS track mode detection now only looks at the 3 least significant bits.
- Added MODE 2 FORM 1 / 2448 support to MDS plugin.
- Made DMG plugin use Thore's bzip2.library.
- Updated png.image to version 1.7 (bug fixed in remapping code).
- The MDS plugin now checks the signature and version fields before trying to
read the session data and returns ERROR_NOT_IMPLEMENTED for version 2.0 and
newer MDS files.
- Moved the code for opening the MDF file to the end of the MDS_OpenImage()

See diskimage.guide/Changelog in the archive for a complete list of changes.

Upload Date:Aug 05 2019
Size:141 KB