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Description:Extract data from various file formats
Developer:Stefan Haubenthal
Short: Extract data from various file formats
Author: jason1@pobox.com (Jason Summers)
Uploader: polluks+aminet sdf lonestar org (Stefan Haubenthal)
Type: util/arc
Version: 1.6.4
Architecture: ppc-morphos; m68k-amigaos
URL: http://entropymine.com/deark/

Deark version: 1.6.4
A utility for extracting data from various file formats

Usage: deark [options] <input-file> [options]

Commonly used options:
-l: Instead of extracting, list the files that would be extracted.
-k, -ka: Start output (-k) or .zip (-ka) filenames with the input filename.
-o <base-filename>: Start output filenames with this string.
-od <directory>: Write files to this directory.
-zip: Write files to a .zip file (output.zip by default).
-a, -main: Extract more (-a) or less (-main) data than usual.
-get <n>: Extract only file number <n>.
-maxfiles <n>: Extract at most <n> files.
-d, -d2, -d3: Print additional information about the file.
-q, -noinfo, -nowarn: Print fewer messages than usual.
-color: Allow color in printed messages.
-m <module>: Assume input file is this format, instead of autodetecting.
-modules: Print the names of all available modules.
-h, -version, -license: Print this message / version info / terms of use.

abk AMOS resource (AmBk, sprite, icon, AmBs)
alias_pix Alias PIX image, Vivid .IMG
alphabmp Alpha Microsystems BMP
amiga_adf Amiga disk image
amiga_dms Amiga DMS disk image
amigaicon Amiga Workbench icon (.info), NewIcons, GlowIcons
amos_source AMOS source code
anim IFF-ANIM animation
animatic Animatic Film
animator_pic Autodesk Animator PIC/CEL
ansiart ANSI Art character graphics
apm Apple Partition Map
apple2_dsk Apple II floppy disk image
applesd AppleSingle/AppleDouble
applevol Apple volume label image
ar ar archive
ar001 ar001 archive (Okumura)
arc ARC compressed archive
arcfs ArcFS (RISC OS archive)
arcmac ArcMac compressed archive
arj ARJ
artworx_adf ArtWorx Data Format (ADF)
arx ARX LHA-like archive
ascii85 Ascii85
atari_pi7 Atari PI7 image
atr ATR Atari floppy disk image
autocad_slb AutoCAD Slide Library
awbm Award BIOS logo
base16 Base16
base64 Base64
basic_c64 Detokenize C64 BASIC
binhex Macintosh BinHex (.hqx) archive
bintext Binary Text character graphics
bld MegaPaint BLD
bmff ISO Base Media File Format
bmi Zoner BMI bitmap
bmp BMP (Windows or OS/2 bitmap)
bob Bob Ray Tracer bitmap image
bpg BPG (Better Portable Graphics)
bsave BSAVE/BLOAD image
bsave_cmpr PCPaint compressed BSAVE
bytefreq Print a byte frequence analysis
cab Microsoft Cabinet (CAB)
car_lha CAR (MylesHi!) LHA-like archive
cardfile Windows Cardfile address book
cd_raw Raw CD image
cdi_imag CD-I IFF IMAG
cdr_wl CorelDRAW (old WL format)
cfb Microsoft Compound File Binary File
clp Windows Clipboard
coke Atari Falcon COKE image (.TG1)
compfacei Compface intermediate format
compress Compress (.Z)
compress_lzh SCO compress LZH
copy Copy the file unchanged
corel_bmf Corel Gallery BMF
corel_ccx Corel CCX
corel_clb CorelMOSAIC .CLB library
cp437 Code Page 437 text
cpio cpio archive
cpshrink CP Shrink .CPZ
crc Calculate various CRCs
crg Calamus Raster Graphic
crlzh CRLZH (CP/M)
crunch Crunch (CP/M)
crush CRUSH archive
cserve_rle CompuServe RLE
d64 D64 (C64 disk image)
dclimplode PKWARE DCL Implode compressed file
dcx DCX (multi-image PCX)
deflate Raw Deflate compressed data
degas Atari DEGAS or DEGAS Elite image
deskmate_pnt Tandy DeskMate Paint
desqview_dvp DESQview Program Information File
dgi DGI (Digi-Pic)
dib DIB (raw Windows bitmap)
dlmaker DL animation (DL MAKER)
doodle Atari Doodle
drhalocut Dr. Halo .CUT image
drhalopic Dr. Halo .PIC image
dsstore Mac Finder .DS_Store format
ea_data EA DATA (OS/2 extended attributes)
ebml EBML
edi_pack EDI Install packed file
eggpaint Atari EggPaint .TRP
emf Enhanced Windows Metafile
epocimage EPOC/Symbian MBM, Sketch, AIF
eps Encapsulated PostScript
exe EXE executable (PE, NE, etc.)
exepack EXEPACK-compressed EXE
falcon_xga Atari Falcon XGA image
farbfeld farbfeld image
fat FAT disk image
flac FLAC
fli FLI/FLC animation
fnt Windows FNT font
fp_art PFS: 1st Publisher clip art (.ART)
fpaint_pi4 Atari Falcon PI4 image
fpaint_pi9 Atari Falcon PI9 image
ftc Atari Falcon True Color .FTC
gemfont GEM bitmap font
gemmeta GEM VDI Metafile
gemraster GEM VDI Bit Image, a.k.a. GEM Raster
gif GIF image
godpaint Atari Falcon GodPaint
graspfont GRASP font
graspgl GRASP GL animation
grob GROB - HP48/49 calculator image
gws_thn Graphic Workshop thumbnail .THN
gxlib GX Library
gzip gzip compressed file
hexdump Print a hex dump
hfs HFS filesystem image
hlp HLP
hpi Hemera Photo-Object image
hpicn HP 100LX/200LX .ICN icon
hr TRS-80 HR (High Resolution) image
hsiraw HSI Raw
iccprofile ICC profile
icns Macintosh icon
ico Windows icon/cursor
iff IFF (Interchange File Format)
iim InShape IIM
ilbm IFF-ILBM and related image formats
imggal_alch Image Gallery GAL (Alchemy Mindworks)
indypaint Atari IndyPaint .TRU
insetpix Inset .PIX image
iptc IPTC-IIM metadata
is_inst32i InstallShield installer archive (_INST32I.EX_)
is_z InstallShield Z
iso9660 ISO 9660 (CD-ROM) image
j2c JPEG 2000 codestream
jbf PaintShop Pro Browser Cache (pspbrwse.jbf)
jovianvi Jovian Logic VI
jpeg JPEG image
jpeg2000 JPEG 2000 image
jpegscan Extract embedded JPEG images from arbitrary files
lbr LBR archive
lha LHA/LZH/PMA archive
lharc_sfx_com LHarc/LArc self-extracting archive (COM)
loaddskf LoadDskF/SaveDskF disk image
lotus_mscr Lotus Manuscript graphics
lss16 SYSLINUX LSS16 image
lumena_cel Lumena CEL
lzexe LZEXE-compressed EXE
lzhuf LZHUF compressed file
lzss_oku LZSS.C by Haruhiko Okumura
lzwcom LZWCOM compressed file
macbinary MacBinary
macpaint MacPaint image
macrsrc Macintosh Resource Manager
makichan MAKIchan graphics
mdcd MDCD archive
mdesk_icn Magic Desk icon
megapaint_lib MegaPaint Symbol Library
megapaint_pat MegaPaint Patterns
midi MIDI audio
monkeys_audio Monkey's Audio (.ape)
moof MOOF floppy disk image
mpegaudio MP3 / MPEG audio
mrw Minolta RAW
msa MSA - Atari ST floppy disk image
mscompress MS-DOS Installation Compression
msp Microsoft Paint image
mswordscr MS Word for DOS Screen Capture
neochrome Atari NEOchrome image
newprintshop The New Print Shop .POG/.PNM
ngg Nokia Group Graphic
nie NIE/NII/NIA (Naive Image Formats)
nlm Nokia Logo Manager bitmap
nol Nokia Operator Logo
npm Nokia Picture Message
nrg NRG CD-ROM image
nsl Nokia Startup Logo
null Do nothing
ogg Ogg multimedia
olpc565 OLPC .565 firmware icon
os2bmp OS/2 icon (.ICO), cursor (.PTR), bitmap array
os2bootlogo OS/2 boot logo
pack Unix pack (.z)
packdir PackDir compressed archive format
palmbitmap Palm BitmapType
palmdb Palm OS PDB or PRC
pasti Pasti - Atari ST floppy disk image
pcf PCF font
pcpaint PCPaint PIC or CLP image
pcrfont PCR font
pcx PCX image
pcxlib PCX Library
pf_pgf Atari Portfolio Graphics - uncompressed
pff2 PFF2 font
pgc Atari Portfolio Graphics - compressed
pgx Atari Portfolio animation
picjpeg Pegasus JPEG, and KQP
pict Macintosh PICT
pif Windows Program Information File
pkfont PK Font
pklite PKLITE-compressed EXE/COM
pkm PKM (GrafX2)
plaintext Plain text
plist .plist property list, binary format
pm_xv PM (XV)
png PNG image
pnm Netpbm formats (PNM, PBM, PGM, PPM, PAM)
pp_gph PrintPartner .GPH
printmaster PrintMaster .SHP/.SDR
printshop The Print Shop .DAT/.NAM
prismpaint Atari Prism Paint .PNT, a.k.a. TruePaint .TPI
ps_action Photoshop Action
ps_brush Photoshop Brush
ps_csh Photoshop Custom Shape
ps_gradient Photoshop Gradient
ps_pattern Photoshop Pattern
ps_styles Photoshop Styles
psd Photoshop PSD
psf PC Screen Font
psionapp Psion .APP/.IMG and .OPA/.OPO
psionpic Psion PIC, a.k.a. EPOC PIC
qdv QDV (Giffer)
qip QIP (Quarterdeck)
qtif QTIF (QuickTime Image Format)
rar RAR archive
riff RIFF-based formats
ripicon RIP/RIPscrip/RIPterm Icon / BGI image
rm RealMedia
rodraw RISC OS Draw, Acorn Draw
rosprite RISC OS Sprite, a.k.a. Acorn Sprite
rpm RPM Package Manager
rsc GEM resource file
sgiimage SGI image
shg SHG (Segmented Hypergraphics), MRB (Multiple Resolution Bitmap)
sis SIS (EPOC/Symbian installation archive)
spark Spark archive
spectrum512c Spectrum 512 Compressed
spectrum512s Spectrum 512 Smooshed
spectrum512u Spectrum 512 Uncompressed
split Split the file into equal-sized chunks
squash Squash (RISC OS compressed file)
squeeze Squeeze (CP/M)
storyboard Storyboard PIC/CAP
stos STOS Memory Bank (.MBK)
stuffit StuffIt archive
sunras Sun Raster
swg SWAG packet
t64 T64 (C64 tape format)
tar tar archive
tga Truevision TGA, a.k.a. TARGA
thedraw_com TheDraw COM file
tiff TIFF image
tim PlayStation graphics
tinystuff Atari Tiny Stuff, a.k.a. Tiny image format
tivariable TI calculator variable or picture file
tscomp The Stirling Compressor
unifont_hex GNU Unifont HEX font
uuencode UUEncode
vbm C64/128 VBM (VDC BitMap)
vgafont Raw 8xN bitmap font
videomaster Video Master (.flm/.vid/.vsq)
vitec VITec image format
vort VORT ray tracer PIX image
wad Doom WAD
win1ico Windows 1.0 icon/cursor
winzle Winzle! puzzle image
wmf Windows Metafile
woz WOZ floppy disk image
wpg WordPerfect Graphics
wri Microsoft Write
xbin XBIN character graphics
xface X-Face icon/avatar
xor Invert bits, or XOR with a key
xpuzzle X11 "puzzle" image
xxencode XXEncode
ybm Bennet Yee's face format, a.k.a. YBM
young_picasso Young Picasso .YP
zbr ZBR (Zebra Metafile)
zip ZIP archive
zlib Raw zlib compressed data
zoo Zoo compressed archive format
zoo_filter Zoo filter format
zoo_z Zoo Z format
zsq ZSQ (ZSQUSQ, LZW-compressed file)

Upload Date:Mar 04 2023
Size:2 MB