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Description:Create or write back image files (ADF/HDF).
Developer:Thomas Rapp
Short: Create or write back image files (ADF/HDF)
Author: thomas-rapp@web.de (Thomas Rapp)
Uploader: thomas-rapp web de (Thomas Rapp)
Type: disk/misc
Version: 2.5b18
Requires: Amiga executables of GZIP (68K or PPC) and DMS
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 1.2.0
Kurz: Image-Dateien von beliebigen Disks anfertigen oder zurückschreiben

TSgui (TrackSaver GUI)

- runs on all Kickstart and Workbench versions from 1.2 to 4.0.
- can create Image files (also known as ADF or HDF) from any floppy disk or
harddisk partition
- can write Image files back to disk
- can be used from CLI or Workbench
- can compress / decompress image files with GZIP
- can be used as simple front end for DMS
- German and English AmigaGuide included
- can create custom ADFs from copyprotected disks (experimental)
- can restart the operation if the Amiga freezes when reading from an old HDD.
- catalog description file for creating your own translations


- added advanced options menu
- added extended restart
- added block map
- added basic skin functions
- fixed some GUI issues

Included languages

- English (builtin)
- German
- Italian by Angelo Theodorou <encelo at amiworld.it>
- Spanish by Diego CR <dcr.amiga at wanadoo.es>
- Hungarian by Márton Dósa <dm_ at freemail.hu>
- Polish by Wojciech Pasiecznik <voydial at wp.pl>
- Frensh by Eric Luczyszyn <eric.luczyszyn at freesbee.fr>

The code for creating custom ADFs was taken from Rawread, written by
Toni Wilen <twilen at arabuusimiehet.com>

Upload Date:Aug 26 2017
Size:130 KB