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Description:TransADF creates Amiga Disk Files (ADFs), a 880kb file copy of an Amiga floppy disk. It can also be used to transfer ADFs back to a real disk.
Developer:Karl J. Ots
Short: Makes Compressed ADFs (G/PKZip). v4.0.46
Author: kjots@lis.net.au (Karl J. Ots)
Uploader: kjots lis net au (Karl J Ots)
Type: disk/misc
Requires: OS2.0+
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Copyright: GPL
Date: 5th October 1998

New Features in v4.0.46
This is a major upgrade. It now includes the ability to read and write
non-trackdisk devices like RAD: and FMS:

What is TransADF?
TransADF creates Amiga Disk Files (ADFs), a 880kb file copy of
an Amiga floppy disk. It can also be used to transfer ADFs back
to a real disk.

TransADF offerers several modes of operation. It can create both
PKZip and GZip compression formats directly from the disk, with only
a small portion in memory at one time. It can also decompress both
formats, again directly to disk with little memory use. TransADF has
sophisticated PKZip support, allowing operation on any file within
the archive (not just the first item, like GUnZip), as well as adding
an ADF to an already existing archive.

TransADF uses the Z Library to perform the compression and decompression.
For more info on ZLib, visit http://www.cdrom.com/pub/infozip/zlib/
ZLib was written by the same people who brought us GZip and Info-Zip,
they being Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler.

TransADf comes in three 'flavours':

TransADF (46k): Fully featured, staticly linked with the ZLib.
TransADF-RT (19k): Also fully featured, but uses the runtime
"z.library", available on Aminet in
TransADF-Lite (8k): This version offers no compression or
decompression, hence the smaller size. Only
ADFs can be read or created with this version.

All three versions are compiled from the same sources, which are
included. TransADF was written with the aid of DICE 3.15.

This is the second release of TransADF, and the usual applies so send
bug or incompatibility reports to me at by e-mail address above.

Oh, and by the way, TransADF is FreeWare as defined by the GNU General
Public License.

A note about ADFs
An ADF has a variety of uses. It can be used with floppy disk
emulators such as the FMS device, which enables a file to be
mounted as a drive. Also, ADFs are used by the Amiga emulators
UAE and Fellow (Amiga disks can not be read by PC drives). A
zipped ADF can offer better compression than a DMS archive, with
the advantage that it can be unzipped by any computer with a copy
of GZip, PKZip, or the portable Info-Zip (which is just about all of
them, I think).

Upload Date:Aug 20 2017
Size:96 KB