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Description:Insert and remove ADF Files
Developer:Bjoern Fuglsang
Short: Insert and remove ADF Files
Kurz: Einlegen und entfernen von ADF Dateien
Author: Bjoern Fuglsang
Uploader: b-a@keemail.me (Bernd Assenmacher)
Version: 1.3
Type: disk/misc
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

This is a very nice piece of software from Bjoern Fuglsang, which makes using
of ADF Files easy on your Amiga. He kindly allowed me to upload it to aminet
so that all amigans out there can find it .

Bjoern...Thank you for your good work...!!!! :-)

Here is the original email from Bjoern :
Hi Bernd,

Thanks for your feedback on my (very) old piece of software!

You hereby have my permission to distribute the original
package in it's original form it is available in from my web site
(http://bfugl.dk/download.asp) as long as it does not violate any
laws or rules of those distribution sites. Additionally you must
include a link to my web site (http://bfugl.dk/download.asp) and
you must credit me for my work (you could include this message,
for instance).

I regret, I have too little time to support the Amiga community in
general and the adf.device in particular. I did, however, notice the
steady interest in downloading the adf.device, which is why I have
kept it available on my web site.

So thank you Bernd, for your contribution an dedication and thank
you for asking me before distributing.

Kind regards,
Bjørn Fuglsang
Author of adf.device

Upload Date:Dec 11 2021
Size:13 KB