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Description:Antiryad Gx is an unified cross platform and multi core 2d and 3d game engine.
Developer:Arkham Development
Antiryad Gx is an unified cross platform and multi core 2d and 3d game engine.
In development since 1994, Antiryad Gx today rivals and even surpasses many commercial game engines in feature set, optimization and stability.

Main features:

Complete 2d and 3d graphic engine.
Integrated editor and tools.
Particle, water and volumetric fog effects.
Fast collision system.
Realtime shadows.
Video codec for mobile and desktop systems.
Full game framework.
Network engine.
Modularity, other middlewares like 3d engine, physic, script language or network library can be plugged.
Simplified and documented API completely platform independant.
Supported languages are C, C++ and Gel (embedded fast and simple script).
Develop once for several platforms.
Free with standard license.

Antiryad Gx was used to create more than 40 projects by various companies and organizations.
Upload Date:Feb 09 2021
Category:Development/Engine 2D-3D
Size:288 MB