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Description:E-VO: Amiga E Evolution
Developer:ShoDarren Coles
Short: E-VO: Amiga E Evolution
Author: darren_m_coles@yahoo.co.uk (Darren Coles)
Uploader: darren_m_coles yahoo co uk (Darren Coles)
Type: dev/e
Version: 3.5.1
Replaces: dev/e/evo.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 2.0.4

E-VO Amiga E Compiler is a derivative of the original Amiga E compiler written
by Wouter van Oortmerssen. It adds many new features, bug fixes and
optimisations including object UNIONs, string merging, non word-aligned
objects and many more.

This version brings in many of the features from the creativE E compiler and
also adds many new features unique to E-VO as well (see updates.txt for
complete change list).

E is an object oriented / procedural / unpure functional higher programming
language, mainly influenced by languages such as C++, Ada, Lisp etc. It is a
general-purpose programming language, and the Amiga implementation is
specifically targeted at programming system applications.

If you want to assemble this code yourself you should use Asm-One or Vasm. The
source is all contained within a single source file and requires no additional

The program is released into the public domain for anyone to use however they
wish with no restrictions apart from that the program should not be sold for

Darren Coles
Upload Date:Sep 07 2022
Size:647 KB