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Description:Standardised MagicWB Icon Set
Developer:M. Malyshev, Wizardry & Steamworks

Standardised MagicWB Icon Set



This is an effort to create an exhaustive collection of MagicWB icons for
the simple reason that there are certain scattered packages of lovely
MagicWB icons that are not easy to access unless you know their names
precisely and search for them on AmiNET. Furthermore, some of the MagicWB
icons you find are not quite uniformly standardised. For example, the icons
for preferences sometimes appear with a question mark to the left of the
icon and sometimes to the right. Sometimes, the preferences icons have a
question mark that lights up, sometimes they do not. Some drawers are in a
squashed "small" format (such as the ones used in ClassicWB), sometimes they
are large.

All these issues lead to the need of a good, large and fat icon set that you
can use on MagicWB whilst preserving the dimensions and style - which, by
consequence also helps sorting and arranging icons so they are on the same
sort row and column.

We chose only one standard out of all these variations; not because they
look "better" than the others, but rather because they are more icons of the
same style publicly available! The style we picked roughly conforms to the
following specification:

* All icons are MagicWB icons - they can, of course, be used on OS3.9 but
not necessarily.
* Large drawers (unlike ClassicWB)
* The drawers may have an arbitrary shading as background as long as
they have a picture displayed on top of the drawer.
* Preferences have a question mark on the left side of the icon and the
question mark lights-up when the icon is selected.
* Commodities have a flat visible border on the edges of the icon.

The collection of MagicWB icons that were sorted using the following methods
in order:

1.) all icons are sorted alphabetically
2.) if the icon was recognised as corresponding to an application, it was
named after the application
3.) if the icon had a name, it was copied as that name
4.) if the icon had no name, then the image of that icon was
conceptualised as a word or a contraction of two words
5.) if an icon already exists but looks different, then it is serialised
by appending a number to the name of the icon

Also note that all the drawers 0-9, A..Z that do not contain icons have a
warning sign icon on the drawer. This makes it easier to distinguish from
other drawers that do contain icons.

On number 4, we would like to mention that conceptualising means attributing
a word to an icon "dog", "cat", "brush", etc... And that it may happen that
some of these icons correspond to an application instead. For example, a
drawer with a monkey-looking creature is apparently attributed to ImageFX
such that we renamed the icon from "Monkey" to ImageFX.

The set we present here should not be taken as a complete collection of
MagicWB icons but rather an attempt to sort icons by their size and aspect.
It is also possible that, say, a commodity does not have a flat border
around the edges, but it is a commodity yet it is sorted in this collection
as an application.


The following table shows the type of icon and the count as well as the
total number of icons available.

| Item | Count |
| Applications | 1108 |
| Commodities | 153 |
| Default App Icons | 6 |
| Default Icons | 90 |
| Drawers | 839 |
| Drives | 52 |
| Preferences | 181 |
| Templates | 11 |
| Total: | 2440 |

The release also includes template icons for drawers, preferences,
applications and commodities that follow the same standard as this icon

Our Icons

Wizardry and Steamworks makes no copyright claims to most of the artwork in
this package. Our work consists in collecting, sorting, cataloging and fixing
the work of others with the following mentioned exceptions which are icons
created by ourselves:

* The Romanian localisation drawer icons:
* Drawers/R/Romania.info
* Drawers/R/RO.info
* Drawers/R/Român?.info
* Drawers/R/Romania2.info
* The drawers:
* RomaniaGi, RomaniaMWB are created by Mikhail Malyshev
* The Flash drawer icon:
* Drawers/F/Flash.info
* The Meridian preferences icon:
* Preferences/Meridian.info
* The PDF drawer icon:
* Drawers/P/PDF.info
* The Iomega application icon:
* Applications/I/Iomega.info
* The Iomega drawer icon:
* Drawers/I/Iomega.info
* The Ghostbusters icon (downscaled from original):
* Applications/G/Ghostbusters.info
* The ENV icon (modification of SceneryAnim):
* Applications/E/ENV.info
* The FTP drive icon:
* Drives/Harddrive/FTP.info
* The Samba drive icon:
* Drives/Harddrive/Samba.info
* The PowerSnap application icon (MagicWB styled):
* Applications/P/PowerSnap.info
* The main drawer icon with the [WaS] logo.

We release the aformentioned icons created by Wizardry and Steamworks to the
public domain.

Credits & License

This compilation could not have been assembled, concocted and composed if it
weren't for the work of the following artists and collectors:

* Mikhail Malyshev - icons, fixes and templates!
* Mark Sorensen / Australia - Mark's Icons
* Alisdair Walker / Australia - AW Icons
* Jan-Tore Eliassen / Norway - JTEMWB Icons
* Marcin Orlowski / Poland - Shapeshifter Icons
* La Veglia Gionatan / Switzerland - (Icon Collector)
* Armin C. Künstler / Germany - ACK Icons
* Anonymous - MNT Icons
* Torsten Hiddessen - MagicIcons
* Tony Scott - (Icon Collector)
* Richard Harris - FOXX Icons
* Thomas Baetzler / Germany - MagicIcons
* Matthias Eckardt - MWBMAC
* Martin Rolfsmeyer / Germany - MagicGaston
* Mark Rose / Germany - MUGicWB
* Roman Patzner / Austria - RomIcons
* Tom Heeren / Australia - TomIcons
* Tobias Ferber / Germany - Tobi Icons
* Martin Huttenloher (Partial), Osma Ahvenlampi - TauIcons
* Karsten Böhm / Germany - Creatv-Icons
* Aheco ten Bokkel Huinink / The Netherlands - Magical
* Andreas Grundler / Germany - Another MagicWB Icon Collection (AMI)
* Korneel Ketelslegers / Belgium - Various Icons
* Thomas Peterseim / Germany - Magic~User Magic WB Icons (m-u-i)


* The idea comes entirely from a project called MagicWB Schatzkiste
(MagicWB Treasurechest) which is a comprehensive collection of icons taken
off an Amiga public domain CD. We adopted the idea and extended the work to
include as many icons as we could find.

Some of the icons by these creators had to be fixed: either they were broken
when they were spread around by collectors or they were original defective.

We would like to apologise in advance in case we omitted to name someone
from whom some of these icons stem, and, if that is the case, please do drop
us an e-mail so we can add you to this list. Similarly, if you want your
icons removed, please contact us and we will remove them promptly.
Conversely, if you are an icon creator and would like to have your icons
included please drop us an e-mail and we will sort them and file them into
the chest.

>> Project Website

The project website can be found at:

* http://grimore.org/amiga/standardised_magicwb_icons

which contains more up-to-date information on the status of the icons.

>> Feedback

You can reach us at:

Wizardry and Steamworks
e-mail: office@grimore.org

Upload Date:Nov 09 2021
Size:2 MB