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Description:Define, save & lock ALL Workbench colors!
Developer:Massimo Tantignone
Short: Define, save & lock ALL Workbench colors!
Author: tanti@intercom.it (Massimo Tantignone)
Uploader: tanti intercom it (Massimo Tantignone)
Type: util/wb
Version: 40.22
Requires: AmigaOS 3.0+
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

FullPalette 40.22 (9.5.99) by Massimo Tantignone

The FullPalette system allows you to edit and save ALL the 256 Workbench
colors rather than just eight of them as the standard Palette editor does.

It features a preferences editor ("FullPalette") enabling to define the
colors, and a patch running in the background ("FPPrefs") which takes care
of applying the palette settings every time the Workbench screen is opened.

You can decide exactly which colors are to be "locked", and thus never
modified by programs running on the Workbench screen, and which colors
instead are to be left "free" for IPrefs and other applications.

This (among other advantages) makes the managing of icons much easier;
using FullPalette you can, for example, have icons with any number of
colors without risking to see some of them change just because you view
a picture with MultiView on the Workbench screen.
You could also set colors 4-7 to always be the same as colors 252-255.

FullPalette also has a button strip to easily perform editing actions
such as "Copy", "Swap" or "Spread".

For the purpose of editing the Workbench palette, FullPalette can
completely replace the standard "Palette" preferences editor, whose settings
file (palette.prefs) it continues to maintain for compatibility, although
FullPalette also uses a custom file.

The patch runs alongside IPrefs without any conflicts.

Note: This patch is even more useful when used in conjunction
with the "VisualPrefs" patch for the Amiga GUI, which is
also available on Aminet as util/wb/VisualPrefs.lha.


· Finally, the color of the editor's palette indicator changes
in real-time also on hicolor and truecolor screenmodes.
However, in order to avoid excessive flashing, the smaller
color box in the palette gadget itself is only updated when
the slider is released.

· Added a workaround for a bug in WordPerfect which caused the
program's requesters not to be displayed with FPPrefs running.

· The installation procedure is a bit smarter about where to
place the "FPPrefs" command in the Startup-sequence. Also, it
now works even if it finds "FastIPrefs" rather than "IPrefs".

· The FPPrefs program is now self-detaching. This means that you
don't need to put "Run > NIL:" before it anymore.

· By pressing the spacebar, is now possible to lock or free all
colors at once in the FullPalette editor.

· FullPalette and FPPrefs don't have any dependence on the
"palette.prefs" file anymore, so if you haven't any other use
for it (like non-default GUI pens settings), you can delete it.
However, FullPalette still updates the file if it's present.



Massimo Tantignone
Via Campagnoli, 4
28100 Novara (NO)

E-mail: tanti@intercom.it

Upload Date:Aug 06 2019
Size:36 KB