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Description:JFIF (JPEG) picture datatype 44.11
Developer:Gunther Nikl, Henryk Richter
Short: JFIF (JPEG) picture datatype 44.11
Author: gni@gecko.de (Gunther Nikl), Henryk Richter
Uploader: henryk richter gmx net (Henryk Richter)
Type: util/dtype
Version: 44.11
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0.0
Distribution: NoCD

This release of JFIFdt incorporates improvements to the datatype
dispatch code alongside with an updated JPEG library. Assembly level
optimization has been done in order to improve runtime performance
considerably. Due to the optimizations, this is the fastest JPEG
datatype for 68k Amigas.

The datatype is an all-in-one binary for any 68020+ Amiga.
A 68000 version (without assembly optimizations) is provided as well.

Changes in this release
- with some JPEGs, color clipping was wrong (in one of the
color conversion cases), fixed.

Feature overview

- supports normal and progressive JFIFs with all its flavours
- supports HAM output (HAM6 as well as HAM8)
- switches to V43 mode if a picture.datatype V43 or newer is found
- asynchronous file I/O to speedup image loading and decoding
- utilizes WritePixelLine8() for chunky-to-planar in V42 mode
- automatic colour quantizing of true-colour data for V42
- can be configured to suit personal preferences
- OS 3.5+ support (minimum OS3.0)
- FBlit support
- based on libjpeg-turbo
- ASM optimizations to Huffman decoding, iDCT and color
transform (68020+)
- AMMX optimization for Apollo Core Gold 2.7 and later
- FPU and AMMX availability is checked before use at runtime
- support for XMP JFIF files
- all-in-one binary for 68020+

Upload Date:Dec 29 2019
Size:783 KB