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Description:Asyncio.library with WarpOS functions.
Developer:Achim Stegemann
Short: Asyncio.library with WarpOS functions (V40.6)
Author: achimste@gmx.de (Achim Stegemann)
Uploader: achimste gmx de (Achim Stegemann)
Type: util/libs
Version: 40.6
Architecture: m68k-amigaos; ppc-warpup

What was wrong in the last version ?
The dummy SPrintF-calls must not be removed !! Writing in PPC mode caused
severe mistakes again. See the source code !
Note for developers: If anybody has an ideaa, why the lib locks up, please
email me !

This archive is EMAIL-WARE !!
..what da hell is dis ??
Simple... if you use it, simply send me a mail, so I know that
someone is using it !!
There is no copyright on it.

* MC68020 or PPC-board with WarpOS V4 (powerpc.library 15.0 or better)

Many developer among you have used the asyncio.library, even me !
The latest version of that one was V39.2. It is now some years old but
still good for plain M68K Amigas.

I decided to continue developing the library for support of PPC-WOS.
I bumped the lib-version to V40.

Advantage of this enhanced asyncio.library:

* You dont need a PPC to use this library. You can still access all
V39 functions from a plain 68k-Amiga.

The library is split in two parts:
1. The original V39-M68k functions ! I.e V40 is (of course)
100% compatible to V39 !
2. The V40 part contains all V39 functions but converted to WarpOS.
The functions have simply a "PPC" added to the name, e.g
OpenAsync (M68K) goes OpenAsyncPPC.

Contents of the archive:
The archive contains the FULL SOURCE code for StormC 3.0.
You can use as a tutorial or whatever.
I simply have taken the source from original V39 source and
made the WOS port. That's all.

Also provided are include files for StormC and VBCC !

Developer information.. How to use it ?

The big advantage of asyncio_ppc is, that you can access a file from
both CPU sides !!
* Open a file in 68k mode
* Read datas in PPC mode
* Close the file in 68k mode
or whatever you like !!

Usage of functions:
It is important, that you must only use the M68k (V39) functions from
the 68k side and you must only use the PPC-funtions (V40) from the PPC side.
M68k: file=OpenAsync("test",MODE_READ,8192);
PPC: ReadAsyncPPC(file,buf,1000);
M68k: ReadAsync(file,buf,1000);
M68k: CloseAsync(file);
This one would be wrong:
PPC: WriteAsync(file,buf,len);
M68K: CloseAsyncPPC(file);

Understood ? Simple...
So don't mix up the functions !!

Note: It is important that you use several kBytes of buffer space, to avoid
CPU switches ! The larger the buffer, the less switches !!
I recommend using buffer between 16 kB and 64 kB.
Larger buffers usually dont enhance speed anymore.

Using asyncio V40 will give you no improvement, if you only use the
V39 functions !!

The asyncio.library has been successfully tested with the
following programs:
* Digital Almanac II
* Digital Almanac III
* AmigaAMP
* AMPlifier
* CyberQT
* CyberAVI
* ACTION (from OS 3.9)

Enhance your application NOW !!
Feel free to use asyncio V40 as you like !!

* Sven Ottemann for StormC linker libs and bugfix.
* Oliver Roberts for VBCC includes.

Internet: http://soft-ware.de/dalmanac

Upload Date:Aug 05 2019
Size:22 KB