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Description:Rebirth brings the popular Amiga dungeon crawler RPG series into the 21st Century
Developer:Double Sided Games

Black Dawn: Rebirth brings the popular Amiga dungeon crawler RPG series into the 21st Century.

It is both the ideal entry point into the Black Dawn universe for a new generation of players, and an opportunity for fans of the series to continue their adventure. It has better graphics and sound than ever before, and includes more levels, more monsters and more puzzles than any other Black Dawn game. Are you ready for the challenge?

Star date: 2621

The TFS Sentinel is en route to Base DS97 to investigate a communications blackout.

Star system: Thalax
Planet: Thalax 9

Ensign Bren is dispatched to investigate the base. Bren takes his scout ship into orbit around the planet, a routine mission. Planetfall is uneventful. From the outside, the base seems operational and undamaged, yet, something does not feel right. Bren dons his life support system and depressurises the cockpit. The canopy whirrs open, revealing a thin and clear atmosphere. The entrance yields to the ensign’s authorisation code. As he descends into the lower levels, a bad feeling creeps upon him.

Design & code: Shaun Watters
Graphics: TenShu
Music & Sound: Mike Richmond
Introduction code: Colin Vella


64 colours on screen
7 dungeons (21 levels) to explore
14 different weapons
21 different types of enemies (3 per dungeon)
Amazing animated introduction using an entire floppy!
PAL / NTSC compatible
Hard drive installable
Playable on a A500+/A600/Later A2000 and up (requires 1mb of chip ram)
3D movement effects available for faster Amiga.

Game package contains:

Cardboard Box
Six 3?1/2 Floppies
Instruction Manual
Dungeons booklet to draw your own maps and take notes.
Digital download (ADF)

Upload Date:Dec 08 2019
Size:427 KB