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Description:A graphical file compare / diff viewer
Developer:Uwe Rosner
Short: A graphical file compare / diff viewer
Author: Uwe Rosner
Uploader: u.rosner@ymail.com (Uwe Rosner)
Type: util/misc
Version: 1.2
Architecture: m68k-amigaos >= 3.0


1.2 (01.01.2020)
- Fixed a bug introduced in version 1.1 which produced Enhancer hits in
progress window.
- Fixed problem in text rendering where some lines were displayed
- The Line numbers of the source files are now displayed in diff result.
- Added the (tooltype / cli) option NOLINENUMBERS to disable displaying
the line numbers.

1.1 (22.12.2019)
- Now using the Myers diff algorithm for better results.
- File select window: When a file was selected with the file request,
the request for the other file opens in the same directory.
- File select window: Keyboard shortcuts are now working.
- File select window: Added a feature to swap left and right file.
- File select window: Added support for Drag'n drop. If the program
runs on Workbench you can drag the files to compare into that window.
- Diff result window: Added a feature to navigate to next / previous
- Now OS3.0+ memory pools are used. Speeds up the freeing of memory.
There's a noticeable speed improvement on exit after big files have
been compared.

1.0.1 (13.03.2019)
- Fixed a bug which caused a crash when comparing long files
- Fixed a minor problem in the about window where the title was always
inherited by the parent window.
- Added some more info into the manual chapter about ADiffView and
Directory Opus

1.0.0 (21.02.2019)
- Initial version


ADiffView compares two ASCII text files and graphically displays the
differences in an window.

Starting with version 1.1 a Myers diff algorithm is used. That's the
algorithm used by the *nix diff utils and git.

A part of the implemented diff engine uses code from Matthias Hertel,

In particular moving the vector allocations out of a recursive function
and making the algorithm work with 0-based indices (instead of being
1-based) are very helpful optimizations of Myers original algorithm.

See the file LICENSE-3RD-PARTY.txt for the license of that code.


- A window allows you to choose the files to compare.

- While comparing the files the difference is calculated in a
background process and a progress bar is shown to give a visual
response of what's going on and that the program isn't freezed yet.

- Optionally the files to diff can be given as command line arguments
from CLI or as Workbench arguments.

- Some options can be given as command line arguments or by Workbench
tool types.


Some features that I consider implementing in a future version are:

- Adding a search function.

- Adding support for the clipboard, allowing to copy text and paste it
in another application


Development was done on an Amiga with StormC4 in C++/gcc mode and also
in Linux with Visual Studio Code. Unit tests for the diff engine were
done in Linux with QtCreator and the BOOST framework.

Starting with version 1.1 the build of the release binary is done with
gcc 6.5 on Linux using this toolchain: https://github.com/bebbo/amiga-gcc

Upload Date:Jan 03 2020
Size:39 KB