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Description:Provides detailed info about expansions.
Developer:Marcus Gerards
Short: provides detailed info about expansions
Author: marcus.gerards@gmail.com (Marcus Gerards)
Uploader: marcus gerards gmail com (Marcus Gerards)
Type: util/libs
Version: 3.42
Replaces: util/libs/BoardsLib.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

boards.library README 04/Feb/2018


This library decodes manufacturer IDs and product IDs of Amiga autoconfig
hardware. So - in short - it'll show you what stuff there is inside your
machine and who made it. It's supported by other tools which provide
information about your system, like "WhichAmiga" by Harry Sintonen or
Report+ by James Jacobs.

Version information:

This release has been developed and tested on various Amiga hardware, both
real and emulated, but may contain bugs, crash your machine and frighten your

- boards.library (V3.42)
+ added Wicher 500i by Artur "7-bit" Gadawski
+ added BigRam 2630 by IComp
+ added ACA1233n in 020-mode
+ added ACA1233n Rev 1. in 030 and 020 mode
+ added ATL HDI Ultrasound video capture card
+ fixed a bug that led to PicassoIV modules
inheriting other expansion's serial number
(thanks go to Jasmin68k for reporting)
+ fixed a really stupid bug which falsely triggered the
serial rewrite routine in rare cases
(thanks go to Robert Miranda for putting me on the
right track)
+ added recognition for ConneXion network cards
running in A2065 emulation mode
(feedback needed, thanks go to analogkid & Scrat)
+ changed IDs for Zorro IDE/LAN/Clockport card by

- showboards (V2.15)
+ fixed a bug that would show some Zorro II cards as
Zorro III and vice versa
+ Kick 1.x machines no longer crash
(you still need to use showboards 1.x, though)
+ ProductID is now displayed correctly as byte-sized

- 661 boards (including variants) known

Developer information:

If you're developing a new piece of hardware for M68k-Amigas, please read the
according section of BoardsLib.guide (enclosed in the archive).

If you're a software developer and still use the 2.x release, you MUST check out the
modified API. The archive contains full developer documentation and
include-files for C and assembly language.

*Your help is needed*

Get your weirdest and latest expansion boards out of your storage boxes, run
showboards on your machine and give me your feedback every time you encounter
an unknown board or anything strange. And if you are/were a developer of
hardware yourself and know some details about you cards' serial information
encoding, let me know as well.

I also enjoy "showboards"-outputs of fully loaded machines or those containing
rare pieces of hardware. Yes, developers' needs can be quite simple. ;-)

You can reach me via:


Upload Date:Aug 05 2019
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