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Description:Pass through AMIGA sound at reset
Developer:Andreas Barth
Short: Pass through AMIGA sound at reset
Author: andreas_barth@gmx.net (Andreas Barth)
Uploader: andreas_barth gmx net (Andreas Barth)
Type: driver/audio
Version: 1.0
Architecture: m68k-amigaos
Distribution: Aminet

This software is free to use but comes with absolutely no warranties. Use it at your own risk!
It is a hack for my personal use, but maybe also of use for others.

Also A.C.T., the makers of the Prelude, will not provide any kind of support for this software, as it is completely independent to A.C.T. and already existing Prelude software.

What is it?
A ROMTag-module that will initialize the Prelude Zorro II soundcard to pass through AMIGA native sound connected to AUX2 input to its stereo output.

How to use it?
You need to install the file "PreludePassThrough" as a resident ROMTag. You can use e. g. Loadmodule for this. If this works well, you can also put it in the FLASH of certain Zorro cards to have it active at cold start.
The program can not be used from Workbench or CLI! If you try this your computer may crash.

Why does it exist?
Recently I got a Prelude Zorro II soundcard for my AMIGA. It is a nice card, but I had one issue with it: no pass through of AMIGA native stereo sound after reset. So, if you are using e. g. a floppy-based game, Prelude can not output this sound in a convenient way.

You need an AMIGA with Prelude Zorro II card.
The software was developed and tested on my AMIGA 4000T.

If you want to report successful usage, suggestions, questions or problems, you can send me an e-mail:


1.0 (2008-12-28)
- initial release

Upload Date:Aug 18 2019
Size:3 KB