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Description:Driver library for Prelude soundcard
Developer:Thomas Wenzel, Oliver Gantert
Short: Driver library for Prelude soundcard
Author: Thomas Wenzel, Oliver Gantert
Uploader: Oliver Gantert (prelude olivergantert de)
Type: driver/audio
Version: 5.6
Replaces: driver/audio/PreludeLib.lha
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

This is the low level driver library for the Prelude soundcard. To install,
just copy it into libs:

This version was created from the source code of version 5.4, kindly provided
by Thomas Wenzel (www.toms-home.de).
It was adapted to compile with vbcc (originally SAS/C), partially cleaned up,
extended and fixed by Oliver Gantert.

Please note that, although this version is intended to fix bugs, the compiler
change might have introduced new ones that went unnoticed so far. If you
think you found a problem, please try to reproduce that with version 5.4
and email me at the address given in the "Uploader" line of this readme.

Legal stuff
This driver is copyrighted freeware. It may be distributed freely as long
as no modifications are made to the executable and this document. A nominal
fee may be asked to cover distribution costs.

A Prelude soundcard, of course :-)
This library supports the Prelude Z2, Prelude 1200 and Prelude ZII+

Note: WinUAE provides emulation of the Prelude Z2 and Prelude 1200.

Revision history
5.6 - Complete code refactoring and overall cleanup
- Potential memory leaks fixed
On most error conditions, the code would exit without freeing
previously allocated resources
- Prelude1200 illegal memory access fixed
One write access to the reset register was using the Zorro card's
offset, resulting in some random byte beyond PreludeBase being
overwritten with null
- Don't check for card.resource when trying to detect Prelude1200
It might be installed on a non-A1200 clock port
- Configurable clock port (0..3) for Prelude1200 (ENV:Prelude/ClockPort)
Base address no longer hardcoded 0xD80000
- Optimized parts of the assembler routines while adding relative
addressing for the Prelude1200
- PrlSwitch() didn't really work as expected
- GetPrlState() now returns status flags instead of MPEGit framecount
As this function didn't return any meaningful value prior to v5.5,
changing it should not break existing software that might call it
- Replaced Disable()/Enable() calls to only affect EXTER interrupts
5.5 - More code cleanup
- Compiled with vbcc 0.9g
- GetPrlState() fixed
- Supports Prelude ZII+
5.4 - Major code cleanup
- Improved MPEGit anti-clicking

Upload Date:Oct 21 2020
Size:15 KB