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Description:A cross-platform GUI toolkit that allows the creation of native (!) GUIs for AmigaOS (MUI), Windows, Linux (GTK), and Mac OS based systems!
Developer:Andreas Falkenhahn
Short: Cross-platform GUI toolkit for Hollywood
Author: andreas@airsoftsoftwair.de (Andreas Falkenhahn)
Uploader: andreas airsoftsoftwair de (Andreas Falkenhahn)
Type: dev/hwood
Version: 2.1
Architecture: m68k-amigaos; ppc-amigaos; ppc-morphos; i386-aros

RapaGUI is a plugin for Hollywood that allows you to easily create GUIs with
Hollywood. You just have to define the GUI layout in an XML file which is
converted into a full-blown GUI by RapaGUI on the fly. It just doesn't get any

RapaGUI's premium feature is definitely its cross-platform design. Like
Hollywood, RapaGUI was designed as a platform-independent program. Therefore,
it runs on a wide variety of platforms, but still, it uses OS-native widgets
on all supported platforms to give your applications a truly authentic look
and feel. Currently, RapaGUI is available in native versions for Windows,
Linux (in separate versions for GTK+2 and GTK+3), macOS, AmigaOS, MorphOS,
AROS, and Android. With RapaGUI you just have to write your application once
and it will automatically run on many other platforms too! This allows you to
spend your time on the really important things, i.e. program design, instead
of having to write backends for lots of different platforms.

RapaGUI uses an object-oriented design composed of over 40 MOAI (Magic Omnigui
Architecture Interface) classes. Those MOAI classes constitute the heart of
RapaGUI. All GUI elements supported by RapaGUI (windows, widgets, menu bars...)
are simply objects derived from those MOAI classes. By wrapping the diverse
native OS GUI APIs into platform-independent MOAI classes, those classes reduce
the many faces of the different OS GUI APIs into just a single MOAI API face,
carved in stone by RapaGUI!

RapaGUI supports all the widgets you need to create modern GUI applications,
including multi-column listviews, treeviews, tabbed page widgets, toolbars,
text editor widgets, menu bars, HTML views and much more. The highlight of
RapaGUI, however, is certainly its inbuilt Hollywood MOAI class. This class
allows dynamic embedding of complete Hollywood displays into GUIs which can be
used to combine Hollywood's powerful multimedia functionality with RapaGUI's
GUI abilities into one powerful application.

RapaGUI comes with extensive documentation in various formats like PDF, HTML,
AmigaGuide, and CHM that describes the GUI programming basics in detail and
provides a convenient MOAI function and class reference. A step-by-step
tutorial that guides you to your first RapaGUI program is also included. On top
of that, many example scripts are included in the distribution archive,
including advanced scripts like a complete video player which really show off
the power of Hollywood and RapaGUI working together.

All this makes RapaGUI the ultimate cross-platform GUI toolkit, carefully
crafted for you sailors of the seven GUI seas! Only RapaGUI allows rapid
cross-platform GUI development on all islands - it is the ultimate fusion of
all the different OS GUI toolkits into one MOAI face, carved in stone for
eternity and beyond.

Upload Date:Oct 25 2021
Size:7 MB