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Description:A module player by Jörg.
Developer:Jörg Renkert
As the Name already implies, ModExplorer was made to explore the world of music modules.
Therefore, the philosophy behind ModExplorer is not to be just another audioplayer, to listen to your musicarchives. There are really enough tools for this purpuse, and they do their job very well!
ModExplorer goes a step beyond and provides you with mods, you've never heard before. To do so, ModExplorer downloads modules from the web randomly and plays them for you. Also these mods won't be saved permanently. ModExplorer will create a playlist instead, which contains internetlinks to those musikfiles. So You can replay them lateron.

Since V 2.0 - Nerdy Edition, ModExplorer not only plays modules, but also attacks you with the well known SID songs from the C64.
At all there are more than 125000 Songs to explore now!

The GUI of modexplorer uses MUI, which adapts perfectly to your desktop environment.
It was designed to meet the needs of the users. So, for example you can individually hide different parts of the GUI to get your best exploring-experience.

Further functions of ModExplorer for example is an extensive ARexx-Port, which lets you control ModExplorer throughout other tools.
Apart from basic playerfunctions you can save modules, create playlists for AmigaAMP and much more. Some example scripts are included inside the archive.

I wish you much fun while exploring the world of modules!

ModExplorer: New version greatly improved now you can choose the music genre and the release date of the modules, also the speed is improved, practically the MOD will start as soon as the application will run, now there will be no more waiting time thanks to the Database used by the application.
The only sore point is the language "in German only".
ModExplorer 3 is also distributed for 68881, OS4, AROS x86, AROS 68k, MOS e WarpOS.
For the correct operation must install Mui Royale, Codeset, and AISS.
Upload Date:Apr 17 2020
Size:1 MB