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Description:A MPEG audio player with GUI.
Developer:Thomas Wenzel
Short: MPEG audio player with GUI
Author: Thomas Wenzel (www.toms-home.de)
Uploader: toms-aminet-upload toms-home de (see note below)
Type: mus/play
Version: 3.33
Architecture: m68k-amigaos

Aminet admins only: Use address from [Uploader] field to contact me
All others: Use the email address stated on my homepage www.toms-home.de

You want an audio player that really makes use of your high spec Amiga?
Here it is!

AmigaAMP is a GUI based audio player using mpega.library and
sndfile.library on the 68k processor or hardware decoders like
MAS Player or Prisma Megamix.

Playback is done through the AHI audio system or through MHI respectively.

If you've got problems not related to the user interface but with AHI, MHI,
AsyncIO or mpega.library, PLEASE contact the corresponding author directly.
I wouldn't be able to help you in this case.

Important: AmigaAMP is optimized for visual appearance and accuracy, not
for extremely low cpu load!

What does that mean? Well...if there's a percussion hit, you see it on the
analyzer immediately. Not half a second later, not half a second earlier.
People who say "I don't care about this, I just want to see some movement in
the display" should use another player :-)

However, if anyone has a fast CPU and a fast graphics card, AmigaAMP is just
right :)

Requirements (not included in this archive!)
AmigaOS 3.1 or higher
68020 processor or better
AHI audio system

For MP2/MP3 support on 68k systems (optional)
- mpega.library (Aminet:util/libs/mpega_library.lha)

For AIFF, WAV and 8SVX support (optional)
- sndfile.library v1

For ProTracker, OctaMED and Scream Tracker support (optional)
- modplug.library v1

For hadrware accelerated playback (optional)
- MHI driver for your decoder

Upload Date:Dec 22 2022
Size:402 KB